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The glint of gold on a Goldfinch’s wing

The glint of gold

on a Goldfinch’s wing;

the trilling song

that a Blackbird does sing;

the cuteness overload

of a Robin’s hop;

the raucous cry

of a Jackdaw’s call;

there are many others,

but I cannot name them all.

The Seagull and the Jackdaw

The seagull and the jackdaw

took flight one day,

as only a seagull and a jackdaw may;

following the currents

that flow in the air,

lifting their wings

to where all eagles dare;

carousing and calling

in utter delight;

‘til they called it a day

at the coming of the night.

Jack Daw

‘The’ Jack Daw,

in person,

no doppelgängers,

or lookie-likies,

to confuse the issue.

“Where shall we eat?”

I ask, politely,

mindful of my manners.

“Here! Now!”

cried Jack,

in his coarse voice.

We ate, and conversed little –

such was the fine fare on offer –

and then, rudely,

I would say;

Jack just flew away:

A Jackdaw With A Twig

A Jackdaw With A Twig.

Flying high

in the sky

the jackdaw looked very small

the twig smaller still.

When they flew close

I could see

that they were of a normal size

and the twig was only one of the many

that the jackdaw had brought

to try and make a nest;

as had the rest of the jackdaws.

They were queued up

waiting to take their long, thin twigs

within the eaves of the old mansion.

Some of the birds

and some of the twigs

did fit in –

though there were many discarded twigs scattered upon the floor,

after the jackdaws did decide

that the twigs were too wide.

The Jolly Jackdaw and the Mopey Magpie.

The Jolly Jackdaw and the Mopey Magpie.

The Jolly jackdaw and the mopey magpie sat and had a chat;

the jolly jackdaw laughed and smiled, the magpie frowned at that.