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Pressing the Mute Button on Poets.

When you are caught in the headlights

of an oncoming poet’s wittering,

it would be really useful

if you could just press the mute button

bringing calm to an, otherwise,

chaotic outpouring of poesy.

Then, you could concentrate on other things,

more important things,

and await what the future brings

without the inconvenience

of rhyming couplets

and Iambic Pentameters

doing your head in.

So, let’s all pray for the day

when the Poet Mute Button

comes our way.

‘I don’t want to be a full-time chair, I’d rather be an occasional table.’

‘I don’t want to be a full-time chair,

I’d rather be an occasional table.’

A job opportunity,

their country needs me,

I am the one

though I have a degree

of irreverence.

Not, that the situation ‘Vacant’ sign

upon the door

is not welcome;

it’s just that I won’t be taken seriously,

if I can’t take it seriously,

the job they’re offering me.

The Writer

The Writer


I am a writer..

And, yet, I didn’t write anything today.

Or yesterday.

Or this week.

In fact, the whole of this month-

and the one before-

are completely writing free.

It doesn’t bother me.

That’s because I am a writer.

Writing is what I do.

Or don’t do-

If you see?

Writing means the world to me.

It’s a life-choice, not a hobby.

Writing is everything.

And, yet, I have written nothing today.

Or yesterday…

“Is This Poem Doing It For You?”

May Contain Words

May Contain Words

Is this poem doing it for you?

Is it?
Has it got enough punch
To make you miss your lunch;
Or are you yearning for something shorter?
A haiku, perhaps;
Where it’s over in seconds;
And you can move on.
Do you desire serious ‘Literature’
A ‘sonnet?’
If ‘that’ is so, I hope the words are not too dull.
They ‘may’ cause a lull.
Is this poem funny enough?
Or ‘too’ funny?
Is there a definitive amount of humour?
I think I heard a rumour that there is point where the length of a line is considered ‘too’ long; though it could be wrong.
Is this poem ‘too’ long for you?
Or ‘too’ repetitive?
Or ‘too’ repetitive?
Or is it familiarity breeding contempt;
Or, it could be exempt from the ‘too repetitive’ clause of poem-writing.
If there was such a thing.

And, should you have stopped reading this after the haiku?
Did you spot the haiku?
Do you care?
Do you even like poetry?