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‘The’ Barney Stone (from Ireland… not)

So what is your name?


Barney. And, what is your surname?

It’s Stone.

Barney? Stone?


Barney Stone? And, where are you from? Ireland?


Barney Stone from Ireland?



No. ‘The’ Barney Stone from ‘The’ Ireland.

Oh. Well, that is alright then. Next question.


Do you get kissed a lot?

Define ‘a lot!’

Well, more than twice a day. Once in the morning when you awake, and once at bedtime just before you go to sleep, usually by a person you live with, and love.

My flatmate, Sebastian?


No, he loves me not.

I see. No, I was talking about people that might travel to Ireland and kiss you.

Why would they do that?

Because of your name.

Because of my name?

Yes, many people, men and… ‘not men’, go to Ireland just to kiss ‘The’ Barney Stone.

And why would they do that?

It’s traditional. People have been doing it for thousands, maybe even ‘hundreds’, of years – it’s traditional – as I said before.

I’m not that old.

Well, you do look a bit on the young side.

Thank you. And, anyway, I’ve never been to Ireland.

Never been there! Weren’t you born there?

Oh, yes.

So, you must have been there!

No. I was ‘there’, then I left there, but I’ve have never ‘been’ to Ireland.

Oh. Well, that’s fine to be sure.

And I’m not even Irish.


No. My mother ‘and’ my father were both——

Both, what?

Not Irish.

Not Irish?


Oh. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t Irish – it can skip a generation.

Can it? Oh.

Yes. So, is ‘The’ Barney Stone your real name?

No. It’s Brian ‘sTown.

As in ‘Brianstown’ in Ireland.

Is there a Brian ‘sTown in Ireland?


Well, that’s probably not me?

Yes. No.

No. It’s not at all like that, it’s spelt differently.

Oh. So, why are you calling yourself ‘The’ Barney Stone?

It’s after my dog. He’s called Barney, Barney ‘sTown. He’s an Irish wolfhound. Only a puppy – over thirty years old, and still only a puppy.

And does he get kissed a lot?

She. Oh, yes. And everybody’s talking ten, nineteen, or even ‘twenty’ to the dozen about that.


Yes, they are.

SFX Cymbal.

Of Ireland and Iceland (and Greenland, too)

Ireland was full of ice,

whilst Iceland was full of ire;

although, Greenland wasn’t full of ire,

or ice –

which was nice.

All-Around-The-World Haiku (a haiku [or more] a day for World Poetry Day 21st March 2015)

World Poetry Day plus 1

(AKA ‘An Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bargain basement)

18th October

Flag England

United Kingdom Haiku (not technically a country, but I thought that as it’s where I am – I would make an allowance).

United Kingdom

(Well, that is the first line done)

Green and pleasant land.


Flag England

England Haiku

Where Angles once met

With the Saxons and did stay

It is not Saxland!


Flag Ireland

Ireland Haiku

Ireland, to be sure;

Emerald green and Guinness;

Top of the morning.


Flag Scotland

Scotland Haiku

Haggis; Robbie Burns;

Bagpipes and a warm sporran;

Porage with some salt.


Flag - Wales

Wales Haiku

Iechyd da! they greet us

Yakki Darr is what we hear;

Good Morning to you!


Flag Nortern Ireland

Northern Ireland Haiku

Lough Neagh at its heart;

Ship-building and the ‘troubles’

Bangor is pretty.


NB and if anybody would like me to put up a haiku of theirs for their country of the world (and we can put some up for states of America, counties of Uk and Ireland, etc.) let’s see how that goes, shall we? Graeme:) –

Further Reference  to the Flags used can be sought here:Flags - Fun-with-Flags

Though it may not be found there!