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Wal-ku 30-31 (Shell & Sheldon / R & R) by Vega & Haiku

Wal-ku 30 (Shell & Sheldon)

“Dad! We’ve found a shell!”

“Dad! It’s not a sea-shell; it’s…”




Wal-ku 31 (R & R)

“This is so much fun!”

“Yeah; but you’ve got longer legs.”

“Okay – let’s go snooze!”







Haiku: ‘Twenty-Six – Alpha-Better’ by Grabcemef Sandefordghij Klim


An Adam’s Apple;

Almost Always Adjacent,

Appears Angular.


Brevity Bouts Bring

Brief Badinage; But, Banter

Barely Breaks Backbones.


Ceilings Came Crashing,

Creaky Corridors Crumbled;

Catastrophe Called.


Devious Daydreams;

Delicious, Deadly, Direct;

Dazzled, Doziness.


Elegant Elephants

Encourage Ego Empathy,

Entirely Exact.


Fraudulent Ferrets;

Found Freeform Folios False,

Finally Flippetty!


Go, Gradually;

Get Gone! Gracefully, Glider,

Gain Gravity-Guile.


Hello! Hovering?

How Has Happenstance Helped Heal

Humanity’s Heart?


Indigo ideas

Infer ideological



Jealous Judice

Jousts Justly, Jeapordising

Jaunty Jillian.


Keep Kryptonite, Ken!

Kilted Katie’s Karate –

Kent Knockers Ken Kin.


Laughingly, Lawrence

Loved Languages – Like Latin

Less Low Latvian.


Maddeningly, Man,

Meant More, Made Many Mistakes;

Mocking Maker’s Mix.


Never Nullify

Natural Newts Nationwide

Nor Nip Natterjacks.


Obviously Old,

Oligarchies, Outdated,

Or Over-Optioned.


Parrots, Pecking Pips;

Place Pastel Pink Paper Packs

Precisely, Polly!


Quaint Qualities Queued,

Quietly; Quick-Quilled Quins

Quothed Quite Quackily.


Reverse Retrospect

Really Raises Registers

Roles Reversed – Regains.


Sweetest Solitude;

Sanctuary’s Soul Solace;

Swiftly She Succumbs.


Titanic Tottered;

Torrid Times, Terrifying

Those Tense Travellers.


Ungrateful Urchin!

Unknown Upbringing Utters

Unstable Urges.


Verity, Vaulting,

Victorious, Valueless,

Vitamin Verve!


Whiskey Wakes Walter;

“Will Wally Wait While Walls Wilt?”

What Waffle, Walter!


X-rays ‘Xamined;

” ‘Xcellent!” ” ‘Xtra! ‘Xtra!

‘Xcellency’s X! ”


Yacht Yard’s Yearly Yarn;

Yellow Yangste Yearns Your ‘Yes!’

You Yell ‘Yaffle-Yap!’


Zero Zebras Zone Zoo!

Zealous Zen Zithers Zorba Zed;

Zippidy Zig-Zag!

Wal-ku 11 (Fish & Ships – a riddle) by Vega



“The fish live in it?
And the ships sail upon it?
I think it is… ‘sea!’ “



Walk-erick 1 (on walkies – poetry & wit) by Vega



I’m Vega, a black Labradoodle,

I’m a puppy and I use my noodle,

If you want a Limerick,

I can write you one quick;

Here it is, done! I’m ‘no’ slouch Po-doodle!




Haiku: ‘Four’ by Graeme Sandford


All you need is love?
Love is a’four-letter-word’;
But, so, too, is ‘fork’.

Love is ‘dangerous’;
NOT to be treated lightly;
A game for two hearts?

And, don’t forget this:
It is, in ‘some’ languages,
Anagram of ‘vole’.

Those four letters are…
Quite different… when spelt: I…
L… O… V… E… U.

Haiku: ‘Three’ by Graeme Sandford


“I, Richard the Third,

Was true born King of England:

You call me ‘Crookback!’

Which is, I do think,

A little unfair: you see,

The Tudors, they lied!


I was a good king;

And Henry Tudor had ‘luck’

Not ‘God’ on his side.”

Haiku: ‘Two’ by Graeme Sandford

Hamlet: the great dane:
Said ‘To be… or not to be?’
And ‘not’: ‘When is lunch?’

William Shakespeare
Wrote about that tragic tale
In ‘Hamlet’ the play.

My Penultimate Poem – 30-04-2013 by Graeme Sandford


The Penultimate Poem

The Penultimate Poem as written by me

With my ultimate pen – but there’s a problem that I just didn’t see;

And it’s this: It’s the last day of April, I feel such a fool,

I lost the sense of timing, forgot the golden rule,

That April hath but thirty days… ooops!

So, this is still my Penultimate Poem, my last but one…

Before my next poem, the Ultimate One!

But, deary me, what is the one after that to be?

Is there such a thing as an Ante-ultimate poem, I ask?

Or a Post-Ultimate one? Or some literary term that fits a name to the task?

I think I have made an error in calculation;

Missed the elation that the last day of our journey will sing

Now our poetical month is nearly up. One thing

More… What next? What will tomorrow bring?

April the thirty-first will see my thirst to write a poem

About thirty-one sheiks, or invertebrate breaks,

Or whatever takes my fancy. Chancy topics from the sub-tropics;

Odes from abodes or lyrics about clerics…

What will I do? What will you?

Perhaps make a brew…

Fancy a cuppa?

And a biscuit or two?

And then there’s April thirty-two…

I am Bik. I am!



I’m Bik, I am!

I am a man who wants to save the Earth;
I know it’s old and sad and lacking mirth;
But, I, a man, I, can bring peace and worth.

I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you what to do;
Be kind, be brave, the world you want to save;
Take cares, eat pears, the path of life you pave;
The time has come the situation grave.
We love the here, the now, the why, the how;
We make. We shake. We bid the people wake;
And be, and do, and join the Art House Crew!
The four, who do, they built the Art House Crew,
At helm, Ziggy, Jani, Nina, too,
And I am Bik, the beard, the coat, the ‘doo!
We four, we few, with friends, with heart, with you;
With help from those who think the way we do;
We fly the flag, we band, we chosen few.
And art is here; all art welcome here, too!
Let’s raise a glass of cheer,
For I am Bik,
And that is good to do!



“To infinity and beyond!”

China’s lucky number;

The endlessness of the figure ate

Its way into my brain

Like a runaway train

Rolling along the track;

We’ll never end our journey

Never get to go back.

Spider’s legs;

And as sure as eggs is eggs,

And cows will e’er go moo

The figure eight,

I’d like to state,

Is my favourite number, too!

It’s always been a classic,

No other will compare,

It has a certain joie de vivre

And total savoir faire.

Huit!” the French would ecrit,

Otto!” heralds the Graeco-Latino

And “due!” and “neuf!” and many other a foreign numeric word

Don’t come anywhere near to “Eight!” that I have ever heard.

Not to say that the other numbers aren’t important, too;

For some of them are, probably, fun.

But, I have a problem trying to think, when pushed, just which one.

And, anyway, an eight is perfect, rounded and flowing

Whichever way along its sides and direction you are going;

You follow the curves and smoothly negotiate

The impeccable ratios of a proper number – eight!

So, you followers of three, six, or ten

Away with your nonsense,

I won’t say it again;

There are plenty of numbers of considerably lower rate

But, none loved by people… pirates… parrots… like my pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight!