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‘The Diminishment of Truth’ – a Sequence #NationalPoetryDay, #NPD

This sequence of poems I have called, ‘The Diminishment of TRUTH’

“TRUTH Poem”


is wasted on the youth;

“Where is your proof?”

you ask.

“How uncouth!”

I respond,

“My truth

may not be your truth –

for I am long in the tooth

and you…

are young…

and inexperienced…

and have limbs that don’t creak.


of which I speak,

is for the older person,

the bolder person,

the ‘the days are getting colder’ person.


Or her.

Or them.

Or it.


Not sure about that bit –

I may have to edit

a lit-

A little bird once told me

that I was worth two bushes…

that was handy advice

at the time;

though I never wrote about it

in a rhyme.

I may have misremembered that…

it could have been a cat.

As T. S. Eliot once said:

‘A book is like the colour red’

or maybe it was something else

that he said.

Truth be told,

I’m growing old.

Older by the second,

and my truth is not

all that it shaped up to be…

am I fecund?


I hadn’t the foggiest what that word meant…

until I looked it up.

Does that make me a mug?

Or a cup?


“TRUTH Limerick”

There once was an abstract concept called TRUTH,

that was given to all in their youth

but, the the truth of it is

TRUTH is all bubbles and fizz,

and LIES are the gin and vermouth.


“TRUTH Haiku”

TRUTh is just a word…

National Poetry Day

proposed as a prompt.


“TRUTH Couplet”

A couplet were walking their dogma one day,

TRUtH be told, they never did, but they may.


“TRUTH in a Single-Line”

TRUTH is the luxury of youth.

And a ‘Parting Shot Across The Bows’:



and yet,

nothing at all.

Walku 54-55 (Lepe & Baggage) By Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry wal-kus 54-55

Wal-ku 54 (Lepe)
“How high?”
We’re at Lepe – it’s a place.”
“Just look before you…”

Wal-ku 55 (Baggage)
“It’s good to get out.”
“Did we have to bring those two?”
“Yes! They scoop the poop!”


Haiku and Vega 1 edit





Limerick for 2nd September, 2014


There was a young fellow from Bude

Who liked to go surfing a la nude

One day on his board

He was by a mermaid adored

And now they go steady – Limericked, not haikued!

Wal-ku 28-29 (Dad & Foxes’) by Vega & Haiku

Wal-ku 28 (Dad)


“Can ‘he’ go faster?”


“No. Dad’s only got ‘one’ speed –
And that is ‘slowly!’ “

Wal-ku 29 (Foxes’)

“If we roll in this
We’ll get to have baths later.”

“Okay; you go first!”

Haiku: ‘Twenty-Three: Last Few Remaining!’ By Graeme Sandford

Wanted (Haiku) Ads


Wanted: Big tallboy;

Must have GSOH

And own step-ladder.


For Sale: Three blind mice;

You have to see them running –

Farmer forces sale.


For Sale: Coffee pot;

Teas maid; and all the gubbbings;

Owner needing sleep.


Wanted: Lease of life;

Must be new or nearly new;

Willing to collect.


For Sale: Modern grill;

Unused, goes like a virgin;

As featured in Vogue.


Wanted: Trip to Mars;

Or at a push to Venus;

Have my own spacesuit.


Must Sell: French Letter;

Signed by General de Gaul;

Probably unused.


Urgent Sale: Ice-Cubes;

Or, alternatively, Water –

In a large bucket.


Needed: Oxygen;

Nitrogen; other gases;

Have two lungs to fill.


Available Soon: Ink;

Just when I can catch my squid;

He’s promised me some.


To Let: Barn-like place;

Which is actually a barn;

But, looks just like one.


Free To Good Home: Rats!

Our home used to be quite good;

Until the rats came.


Free: absolutely

Without restraint or binding:

Decree Absolute.


Wanted: Criminal;

Last seen running away fast

In stripy jumper.


For Sale: Alien;

Comes from a far off planet;

Now needs rehoming.


By Auction: A Lot:

In fact, quite a huge amount;

More than just a few.


For sale: man and van;

Wild hog and frog; cat and rat;

Sad times; selling rhymes.


Wanted: Unused notes;

Current currency, please;

Well, if you don’t ask.


Found: Smallish Black Cat;

Answers to the name Snowy;

May have a screw loose.


Lost: Smallish Black Cat;

He does answer to Snowy;

Does have a screw loose.


Man Seeking a suit:

Size, style, colour, fabric,



Woman Seeks a match;

(Mustn’t be an old used flame)

To light up her life.


Must Sell: Battery!

Wanted: Lead or a Diva!

To Lease: This Summer.


Wal-ku 11 (Fish & Ships – a riddle) by Vega



“The fish live in it?
And the ships sail upon it?
I think it is… ‘sea!’ “



Haiku: ‘Twenty – Nonsense!’ by Graeme Sandford


Twenty is a score-
Do we need anything more?
It’s not ‘twenty-four…

Birds baked in a pie;
And though I don’t ask you why
I’d still like to try

On that ‘dress’ or ‘note’
And I’d ask you not to quote
The words that I wrote

In my pocket book;
They are too frightful, just look
At the grammar- “Ook!”

Librarian said
With his fifth last banana
Pointing at your head.

“It’s a bandana!”
Said the Etymologist;
Who was labelled ‘Fred’.

Which was really nice
As he was cheap at the price
And gave good advice.

Twice a week, he said,
Would be enough to sort things,
And tomorrow brings

Some new beginnings;
Or maybe some old endings;
Who knows? and, who cares?

But, caught unawares,
We divided all our cares
Into rabbits and hares.

If that is okay
For people to do today
They say, it’s all play.

For aardvarks… ’nuff said.
We needn’t bring aardvarks in
We’ll take that as read.

So, returning to our cause,
At the risk of stark applause,
We crawl on all fours.

(It’s a safety thing,
We must reduce injuring-
Compensation ‘Ching!’)

Where were we? Oh yes!
Just waffling on some, I guess-
Oh, to be ‘exact!’

In fact, I must say,
At this present time in place
That I am confused.

All this is bunkum!
And I can’t even rhyme that –
Which is no surprise.

If you’ve got this far…
Award yourself a medal;
Or pat on the back.

I lack the brainwork
To stop before the end, shirk
My duties and such.

So onwards I plough
Enjoying the here and now
It’s finished, but how?