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15 (Yet More) Variously Random Haiku (31-45)

haiku-poetry edit 3

Advertising Random Haiku 15-30

So many requests

About my haiku – but, hey!

I’m publishing more!


Jog Haiku

A Jog is the thing

To get my old heart pumping

But, I’m no dummy.


Work Haiku

Have to rise early

Then work all God’s longest hours

To earn but a crust!


Poem 6 for National Poetry Day (5th Haiku)

“So busy writing

That I don’t read all your posts;

I apologise.”


One random haiku?

Short and sweet – and just for you!

Did you expect more?

Haikus for sale here –

Get them while they are still hot –

Or you may miss out!

Haiku are ‘today’ –

Limericks are ‘yesterday’ –

Sonnets ‘tomorrow!’

This is a haiku –

And these are also haiku –

A lot of haiku!
This is a haiku –

And there are also Haiku

A lot of haiku!


I do write a lot

And a lot of that is rot

But these are not – quite!


Prompt (about Christopher Columbus) 

Fourteen ninety two

He sailed o’er the ocean blue

(With Amerigo).


(prompt – what I saw when I woke up today)

Another day ahead;

My lady to get to work;

And haikus to write!


Prompt (shock) 

She ‘did’ wave at me;

I was not expecting it –

Sort of a shock-wave!


Prompt (fall)

I sheltered this fall

From the leaves falling from trees-

A leafy fall-out.


Sep 28: 25

Sleep will not visit

It shall not stay a short while

Never mind a long!


Limey Rick strikes again!

New word of the day, “sabotage”

Now I’m hiding in the garage

Got the tablet on knee

Hoping he won’t find me

Yes, Limey Rick is now at large



Limey Rick

Walkus 58-59 (Anyone? & game, Set and Match!) by Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry wal-kus edit 2

Walku 58 (Anyone?)
“Oh, I say, Haiku…
Anyone for tennis balls?”
“Ra-ther, old bean!”
Walku 59 (Game, Set and Match!)
” A dead tennis ball!”
“We can take it home with us!”
“Can we bury it?”

Haiku and Vega 1 edit

Wal-ku 11 (Fish & Ships – a riddle) by Vega



“The fish live in it?
And the ships sail upon it?
I think it is… ‘sea!’ “




Five, seven... and five;
That's seventeen syllables:
What else do I do?
Oh, they must make sense;
Be poignant, full of meaning
But,  what about rhyme!
No need for a rhyme?
Well, surely, that can't be right
It's never a poem!
Japanese, you say?
Makes little sense to my mind;
And why's it so short?
Hardly got going
And it's time for me to stop.
Can't see the point. What?
Only the one Haiku?
Not a multiple of them?
Rather silly this.
I've had quite enough;
The whole idea is duff!
I'm off- in a huff!