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It has come to my attention…

I thought that AIW would mention


It has come to my attention,


when I sit down

to try and write a poem,

I end up writing one like this one.

This also happens

when I stand up

to try and write a poem.

Maybe I shouldn’t sit down

or stand up

or write poetry.

Has this sort of thing

come to your attention?

Asking for an imaginary friend –

which, as a poet,

I do have.

My Imaginary Friend: Frangipan.

My Imaginary Friend – The Divine Comedy https://youtu.be/2PSINwC2iPg via @YouTube

I have an imaginary friend

whose name is Frangipan;

I know that they exist: but not whether they are a woman or a man.

I sing in the morning

and Frangi songs along;

I sing in the evening,

then Frangi sings a song.

I love it when we sing

Frangipan and I

together in a song.

Ode to an MG Sports Car

Not WTF 121 as no picture of that imaginary car exists. G:)

Not WTF 101 as no picture of that imaginary car exists. G:)

Oh, MG

WTF 101

if only I could get there with u asap

as u were pdq

but now I must let you