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“I’m not a complete idiot!”

‘No, I’m not a complete idiot…’

is what I say,

in reply to the question,

‘Are you a complete Idiot?’

‘And then I add,

‘… I have a few bits missing; so, not a complete idiot, am I?’

Paraphrasing from Shania,

‘This doesn’t impress them much’.

What am I?


I have two eyes and I am an idiot
If I didn’t have any eyes
I would just be a dot.


A Few Words From My Sponsor

Me, Selfie Me

Me, Selfie Me

I am an idiot
A prima facie one at that
Which is Latin for ‘at first sight’
I think I got that right
Which makes me something of a nerd, too
Or a geek
Or all three.
Yup, that’s me in a nutshell
Self effacing
Facing south (sometimes)
And destined for…

Who knows?
Which is rhetorical.