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Excuse me a minute…

Excuse me a minute…

Excuse me a minute,

I’m on my phone

(as you can probably see)

I know it’s rude

but, I shall atone;

I’m just writing down an idea

that just this very moment

came to me;

it’s amazingly good,

at least,


think so;

well, I’m me.

so I would.

And, I know, that


would hate


to lose what may prove to be

the best idea

that I’ve had to date…

Oh, no,

it’s gone,

I was just a little too late.

A Great Idea

A Great Idea

I had the idea for a great poem…

then I thought about something else for a moment…

and the idea was gone.

Where did it go?

What was that idea?

I do not ‘now’ know.

Could I go back a moment

to a few moments ago

when I had a great idea

that I now do not know?


#Ideas 2 – A Trip to IDEA.

#Ideas 2 – A Trip to IDEA.

I popped into IDEA

the other day;

looking for a flat-pack poem –

not too heavy, not too light –

that I could comfortably carry away.

I finally found one

that I thought would do,

carried it to the checkout,

Checkout No. 2;

purchased that poem,

and transported it home.

It was when I tried

to put it together

that it all turned out wrong;

I couldn’t make head nor tail of the instructions for my ‘Platt-Pack Dikt’,

and before too long

I was scratching my head;

but I wouldn’t be licked;

you see, I didn’t have enough words

and some were underlined red;

there seemed too many verbs,

and a spare letter zed;

then I found all the adjectives

some of which filled me with dread;

only fitted by using a hammer

on their countersunk thread.

Eventually, I had put it all together,

five minutes before I would have reached the end of my tether;

it didn’t look ‘quite’ like the picture;

and it sways in the breeze,

but, it’s a permanent fixture

for a decade or two,

as it’s all held together

by my use of some ‘very’ strong glue

“I had an idea.”

“I had an idea.”

I had an idea

a brilliant idea

for a poem

or a story

or how to solve World Poetry

(or ‘Poverty’, probably);

then I lost it;

I didn’t back it up in my memory bank;

or scribble a note for later –

I have the idea no longer,

and only a vague notion

that it was not about suntan lotion.

This happens.

Well, it happens to me.

Sometimes, the idea returns.

Well, once in a moon that is blue.

Never mind, it’s ‘on with the day!’

Where Did All The Money Go?


As inheritances go, this one soon went. The millions were lost (never to be found) in various non-profit-making adventures – though that hadn’t been the intention – and within a year there were no visible a signs of the fortune – and very few signs that ‘he’ had had the misfortune to lack the business acumen to cope with it.
This meant that life had to get back to a reduced reality that only seemed to rub his snub nose into the dirt and shout at him ‘You idiot!’ on a regular basis. Circumstances had meant that he returned to a windowless ground floor (basement, if you like) of an apartment block, where he used to have a pleasant south-facing third-floor suite; and, until recently, owned the whole top-floor penthouse suite with its 360 degree views of the hoi-polloi below – literally as well as figuratively.

Times change. And, sometimes, all too quickly.