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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I

to spoil

the sanctity

of the unblemished page?

Why, I am the writer…

… of course.

The Untrained I


The untrained I

To the untrained eye
In all likelihood
Just your average guy
(And, not your November 5th, “Penny for the guy!” guy, either)
But, that is to the ‘untrained’ eye.

Am ‘not’ your average Joe.
Which, I’ll have you know,
Is a blessing and a curse.
Because, I
Am a poet
Clutching a newly-crafted verse!
Whose labours in being drafted
Have caused untold misery;
Sweat from my brow
(In ‘copious’ amounts)
And – here’s what really counts –
The inputting and outpouring of a ‘huge’
Deal of brain-work –
It almost drove me berserk
But, as a poet
These things you dare not shirk.

I am
As I say
Not your average guy
But to the ‘untrained’ eye
I may appear
Just so.