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Herring Daffogulls?

Herring Daffogulls?

I wandered lonely as a gull;

that trawls the boats from Looe to Hull,

who follows after little ships,

in search for fish

and maybe chips;

and, if I’m lucky,

or very plucky,

I might just crest

and wave goodbye

my hidden dips.

I’ve Never Been To Hull #HullYearOfCulture

I’ve never been to Hull

I don’t know 

If I will

Visit Hull

Is it wrong

For me not to toodle along

And be of that number

Who have visited Hull

On the banks of the Glorious Humber?
I can’t visit every place that there is;

To divide up all the places by the amount of time I have left

Would leave me spending seconds in each place – 

And then there’s the travelling,

Unravelling my way

Around the places of this country and that

I’d be forever moving up and down and across;

So, not having visited Hull

I do not consider a loss.

But, I have been to King’s Cross.

And other places.