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“The Eagles! The Eagles!” exclaimed Bilbo

“The Eagles! The Eagles!” exclaimed Bilbo excitedly.

“No. All the tickets to see the Eagles sold out long ago.” said Balin – “We shall have to see either Mumford & Sons, or Deep Purple.”

“Let’s see Deep Purple – do they still play ‘Smaug Under Water?”

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Helm’s Deep (on bicycles!)

Actually ORC is

Actually ORC is Old Road Campus at Churchill Hospital, Headington, Oxford – shame!

“We are the bicycling Uruk-Hai!”

How would that have looked on the big screen?

I cannot quite imagine the forces of Saruman attacking upon a fleet (other collective nouns are available) of two-wheelers (Choppers, Chippers, BMX and the like) ringing their bells as they wheelied along.

Just a thought.