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Hiker Haiku

Walk a long, long way,

across continents and seas;

before a good rest.


Later, write ‘HIKER!’

in letters fifteen feet tall

upon your garden wall.


And if it’s too short

for fifteen feet tall letters

get a taller wall.


Walk off hangovers;

walk further for the bad ones,

and keep hydrated.

A Haiku Hiker

I found it stuck there,

lost, at the side of the road,

with no direction.

I asked it ‘“Where to?”

But, it just hadn’t a clue,

and started to cry.

“Don’t cry.” I told it.

“Haiku tend to lose their way –

where do you call home?”

“I come from nothing,

and I shall return there soon.”

it cried once again.

Sadly, beyond help,

the tearful little haiku

dissolved into mist.

Forgetting it not,

I have written these few lines,

In its memory.