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Add it to my Bucket List…? – Revisited

Add it to my Bucket List?

Do I need a Bucket Hat?

Would wearing one

be something

that I should add to my Bucket List?

If you insist, Hive Mind,

then it could be a thing

for me to buy.


But, to wear?


I swear

that I

May watch all seasons fall by

before I

do share

such headwear

with a head

where my treasured memories are stored.

But, should I get one?

That question, I know,

shall not go away,

nor ever care to be ignored.

‘As I walked around with a sprig of Buddleia in my hat’

As I walked around

with a sprig of Buddleia in my hat

a bee hopped on board,

then a butterfly,

then more

and more

and more,

until I had become a veritable charabanc

for the flying fraternity –

and a sight to see I was at that.

‘Dali’s Hat’

I am wearing a hat that’s two sizes too big for my head;

I wear it all day, and, at night, I wear it in bed.


It’s tall like a funnel,

and has a bird perched atop,

in the Winter –

in the Summer, it flies off,

for a southern clime stop.


It’s stripy and rigid,

reinforced by a band,

who are playing ‘Jerusalem,

Will you please lend a hand?’


It’s too tall for tunnels,

too hot for toast;

I wear it at weddings,

and when I visit the coast.


Surfing is fun, when you’re dressed for the board,

and my hat gets such compliments,

it’s widely adored.


I got my hat from a man in the Strand,

he said it was new,

but it seemed second hand –

there were receipts in the lining,

for a supper at the Ritz;

so, I went there to ask them

whomever the hat fits.


They remembered it

from a thousand and one times

that Dali had dined there

whilst wearing this hat,

acting suave and refined,

his entourage laughing along to his joke;

and then the clocks melted,

he was such a fine diner,

and such a nice bloke.


So, my hat has a history,

a story to tell,

it’s no longer a mystery

in which I must dwell;

and it’s famous to me,

and heard of by some;

and, another detail,

it was a present to Dali,

from Picasso’s mum.

Who originally put the poem-poem on the woolly hat?

Who originally put the poem-poem on the woolly hat?


Was it you?


Although you’re a star,

you are too young by far!

It was someone

a long time ago.

Perhaps, it was done as a joke,

by a lady, or a bloke?

Who knows?

I don’t.

Do you?

The Hat(s) Song (a little tit-fer-tat ditty)

Because life is short and hats are fun G:)