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Poetry With the Help of Haiku the Labradoodle.


Bedtime for Haiku and Vega.

Vega & Haiku

Bedtime For Haiku and Vega
“It’s bedtime, Haiku;

It’s time for beddie byebyes!

See you at breakfast.”
As for Vega…
“Vega, bedtime. Bedtime!

Vega! Time for bed, Vega!

Vega! It’s BEDTIME!”
And there they are cuddled up for the night

After their exertions from the day.

Gotta love ’em.

Dog’s Choice #Haiku



Haiku – Dog’s Choice

Her dog liked liver;
Didn’t like livery of
Delivery men.

NB Written after I was barked at by a scruffy pooch and the lady defended him with the cry of: ‘He doesn’t like delivery men!’ The pooch kept on barking even from 100yds away. G:)

Streams of Paddling in the New Forest

Vega and Haiku cooling down

Vega and Haiku cooling down


Along with some glorious mud

Paddling in a stream
That crossed our path;
The two pups cooled their warmth
And quaffed of the murky ale;
They ran and played along the bank
And splashed merrily into the water
Until a passing herd of humankinds
Took their attention for a minute;
Until, once passed, there resumed
A game of tag amidst the shallows.

Headline News: Dogs Climb Trees!

Vega and Haiku: Tree-climbers extraordinaire!

Vega and Haiku: Tree-climbers extraordinaire!

Vega: I could climb a tree…
… right to the very top!

Haiku: Me, too!

Vega: You? You’re only a half-pint; you’d never be able to climb a tree.

Haiku: I’m as good as you!

Vega: Huh! Challenge! Accepted!

Haiku: Start! Climbing!

Narrator: And the above is what occurred…

#Walku July 2015 (Stick!) #Haiku


Haiku: What’s brown and sticky?

Vega: A stick!

Haiku: Not a stick, silly!

Vega: Then it’s cow poo!

Haiku: Yup!

Walkus 98-103 (Tennyson, Walks & Rover) by Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry walkus 98-103

Walku 98 (Tennyson)

“Water to the left…”
“Water to the right…”
“Into the puddles!”


Walku 99 (A Walk in the Woods)

“Along forest paths
Through the winding woods we go…”
“Daddy will guide us.”


Walku 100 (Rover!)

“What’s ‘Roverandom?’ ”
“It is a book by Tolkein.
It’s about a dog.”

Walku 101 (and Rover again!)
“What does this dog do?”
“He has lots of adventures
And goes to the moon.”

Walku 102 (Rover and Out!)
“Is he big and brave?”
“No, pint-size; he is tiny –
Smaller than you are!”

Walku 103 (And Really Out)

“It’s not ‘quantity’
It’s the quality that counts –
And it’s there ‘I’ win!”.


Haiku today is going on her first solo Walkus - 4 penned with a wistful feel to them.

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