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Habit-forming haiku

Minnie in the bed,

and Rosie upon my head;

habits are forming.

dy’Gwener Haiku

dy’Gwener it is,

that’s Friday, as you like it,

yn Kernewek – splann!

dy’Gwener = Friday

dy (short form of dydh) = day

Gwener =Venus

yn Kernewek = in Cornish

splann! = splendid!

dy’Yow Haiku

Thursday is dy’Yow,

it’s named after Jupiter,

‘Yow’ in Kernewek.

dy’Yow = Thursday

Yow = Jupiter

Kernewek = Cornish

Dilettante Haiku

A ‘dilettante’

of the Haiku form, I am,

and shall ever be.

Thursday’s Haiku(s)

Thursday has no claim

over the true ownership

of any weekday.


Better than Monday,

less well received than Friday,

not of the weekend.


And, yet, this Thursday

is the only one of worth,

as current days go.


Carpe Diem! Right?

Seize this Thursday with both hands

and do not let go.

dy’Mergher Haiku

it is dy’Mergher,

so named after Mercury,

the nessa planet.



dy’Mergher = Wednesday

Mergher = Mercury (planet)

nessa = second

Wednesday’s Woeful— Haiku

Midweek? Humpday? Bleugh?!

Wednesday is a mad day;

neither here, nor there.

The sky is available in many different shades

The sky is available in many different shades.

Today it’s patchy,

with undertones of glimmer,

but that can soon change.

We walk along lanes

We walk along lanes,

where the songs of birds abound,

and we smile a lot.

Not a conventional Haiku

This is not a conventional Haiku,

as you can tell by the line length,

the syllable count,

and the number of lines involved.

In fact, it has no recognisable form.

and it doesn’t even rhyme.

It might not catch on,

but it’s good to buck the poetic system

once in a while.