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“What do you mean by ‘just’ a Haiku?”

“What do you mean by ‘just’ a Haiku?”

When poetry fails

to ignite up my senses

will a haiku do?


A Badriomaku and two Haiku

A Badriomaku and two Haiku

(With a syllable count of 2-3-5-1-5-4-5, the Hungarian Badriomaku is interesting in that it gives you a structure that doesn’t fit any preconceived ideas).


It is said,

is a special day.”


“Today is Wenn’s Day;

when all is free,

and debts are cancelled.”


That’s not a poetry form –

You just made that up!”

“Oh, yes, so I did!

What kind of a fool am I

to do such a thing?”

My Wellington Boots Haiku

My Wellington Boots Haiku

My Wellington Boots

do help to keep my feet dry

and are so stylish.

Well, readers, that was

My Wellington Boots haiku;

what more can I say?

A Poetical Treatise Upon …

A Poetical Treatise Upon…

… not writing a poetical treatise upon anything…

… as it seems a pointless thing to do.

And, anyway, the thought of a long, boring, and pointless treatise (for that is what I would write – believe me in this) is not doing anybody any favours.

You wouldn’t thank me for writing it, and I would totally appreciate why you didn’t read it.

So, in its place…

a haiku.

short, sweet, to the point,

what could possibly go wrong

writing a haiku?


Nooch – Another Vegan Haiku (because people seem to like them).

Nooch – Another Vegan Haiku (because people seem to like them).


Nutritional yeast,

it’s a beast of many horns –

no, only joking.

Upon The Haiku

Upon The Haiku

A Haiku is a funny thing;

with its syllable count

and its three lines

of poetry

sticking to a strict format.

An ‘Actual’ Monosyllabic Haiku

An ‘Actual’ Monosyllabic Haiku

it is short and sweet;

and one that has no long words;

not a one at all.