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Proselyte Haiku

I am Proselyte,

mightiest of all creatures –

I once was a wimp.

Incommensurate Haiku

The first and third are

rather incommensurate

with the middle line.

Verisimilitude Haiku attempt

I’ve said it before,

and I will say it again,



Well, that didn’t work,

as verisimilitude

has too many syll—


Once more unto the—


Right! Start off slowly,

then… verisimilitude!

Easy when you know—


Bother. One last try:

and… verisimilitude!

I think that’s enough.

Saturday Haiku

Wrote lots yesterday

and now my words have run dry –

so, I give you this.


A drinking vessel

designed to hold a pint, quart,

or some such measure.

Usually beer or mead;

intoxication in deed.

Dictionary Haiku

A dictionary

that isn’t really there, is…

a fictionary.

Pusillanimous Senryu (like a Haiku, but funny – allegedly)

Someone said to me,

‘You’re so pusillanimous.’

so, I ran away.

When a Haiku cries – revisited.

‘When a Haiku cries’

When a Haiku cries
the world is a sadder place –
as all poets know.

My Haiku are mainly Senryu, and I don’t stick rigidly to the Japanese form, so perhaps they have become a variation on a theme.

A variation
upon the theme of poetry
sticking to the rules.

“And wake, sleeping bulbs!”

And wake, sleeping bulbs,

bursting forth with green shoots

of Triffid-like form.

Sunday morning Haiku

Sunday morning goes

quick as a locomotive,

(of the old steam type).