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Mouse Haiku

Small, with a long tale,

that it tells to its children

on cold Winter nights.







Mausu haiku

chīsaku, nagai monogatari ga ari, sore ga

kodomo-tachi ni tsutaeru koto

samui fuyunoyo ni.

Holiday Haiku


and covered in sea salt sand,

from St. Ives, Cornwall.

My monosyllabic haiku

In seventeen short words,

I can say that my monosyllabic haiku

is not a thing that exists.

Haiku, May the Fourth, it is.

A Haiku, this is;

Fourth, May of, I did write it;

rather good, I think.

Monday Haiku – Acrostic

Monday starts the week,

Other days follow Monday,

Nine days in total—


My black coffee’s hot;

I shall have to wait a while

until it cools down.



Acceptable Abbv.

for the long word ‘syllables’ –

used just to fit in.

A Tell-me-why-ku

Tell me why it is?

Why things are fine as they are,

and all are happy?


Aim high, for the sky,

and let those wordarrows loose;

sloth is no excuse.

Three Word Location Haiku

If you only take…?

In your kitchen you just make…?

Would you end up in…?


my answers gave me:


The closest match I could get is:


which gets me to the middle of Bere (Bear) Island in Bantry Bay, County Cork, Eire.

So now I have learnt a lot about Bere Island.

Why don’t you give it a try?