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A weekend Haiku (in advance)

A weekend Haiku

seems a thing that I can do,

and when done… enjoy!

Looe Island Haiku

This is Looe Island,

it looks like a schoolboy’s cap,

and the gulls live there.

Coffee is an aphrodisiac

“Coffee is an aphrodisiac!”

said a local man named, Doug;

he had a dog,

whose name was ‘Dog’,

and he had a frog,

whose name was frog –

a man of little or no imagination was our Doug;

but, the words he gave out

inspired me to write,

to create a poem of such stature,


well, actually it was a haiku?

and here it is:


it’s a five syllable word

that’s too seldom heard.

Tuesday’s Haiku

Only here today,

tomorrow it shall be gone

and soon forgotten.

Murder on Monday

Not the best of starts;

but, the week had to improve –

for those left alive.

My Buddy Holly Haiku

“That’ll be the day

when you say goodbye-eye-eye,

That’ll be the day!”

My Elvis Haiku

Well, it goes like this,

“Ain’t nothing like a hound dog

cryin’ all the time.”

Triffid Haiku

Now that you can’t see,

advantage has changed to us;

prepare to ‘not’ be.

Sunday Haiku

“Is it Sunday? Yes?

How? Where has the weekend gone?

Is it Monday, yet?”

Friday Alliteration Haiku

Friday feels funky,

as the weekend approaches,