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“No Haikus Today!”

No Haikus today? I think it would be better if I stuck to prose.

Haiku for #NationalPoetryDay

Write poems today –
and every other day,
just because you can.


So, what day is it? (Haiku) #NationalPoetryDay

So, what day is it?

National Poetry Day!

So, write a poem.

Haiku of the Day

The day being here,

given the name Wednesday,

the Haiku is writ.

“No Haiku, Today.”

I left out a note

for Ernie, fastest poet,

“No Haiku, Today.”


He left Senryu,

four of them, all in a row –

well, what could I say?

It’s ‘No Haiku Day’ #NoHaiku

Hash-Tag No Haiku, just write something different, and all will be well.

Seven days of seven Haiku a day – Day 7

Well, it’s nearly done,

just these last seven Haiku,

or Senryu things.


Have I convinced you?

That Haiku and Senryu

are such worthy foes?


Or has this been naff?

So many questions, just for you –

and so few answers.


Anyway you look,

it’s very neatly over,

and you can relax.


In a darkened room,

with a glass of aubergines

or something like that.


Winding down slowly,

and easing off the throttle,

braking gradually.


Driving metaphors –

I ask you, what are they like?

As if that mattered.

Seven days of seven Haiku a day – Day 6

Day six of seven,

and still no landing in sight –

ahoy there, mateys!


Well, I said ‘silly’,

and, so, silly it has been,

with the odd stale bit.


When I say, ‘stale bit’

I really meant ‘serious’

but it was too long.


So, now here we are,

on the middle Haiku part

and you’re all at sea.


My mixed metaphors

(similar to similes)

can confuse people.


When I say, ‘people’

that may or may not include

someone that you know.


Seventh Haiku starts

in much the same vein, because

that is how I write.

Seven days of seven Haiku a day – Day 5

Written in Devon,

and so likely to be poor,

away from my home.


However, I try;

then I give up, try once more;

before giving up.


And starting again;

which did catch me by surprise,

brought tears to my eyes.


So, at four words in,

can you tell the difference

or is it the same?


West of the Tamar

there lays a strange, hidden, land

where all is ajar.


People talk weirdly

with voices not understood

by the best of us.


I think it has failed,

this attempt to Devon write

like everything’s well.

Seven days of seven Haiku a day – Day 4

Autumn’s mist arrives,

adds a cool chill to the air,

and then leaves us … leaves.


That is a Haiku;

it is in no way funny,

and tales of Nature.


I can do Haiku;

though for a while they were not –

as they were silly.


Now, if I have to,

I can write serious things,

and leave puns behind.


The Sun rose tofday;

but it did so quite unseen

due to the mizzle.


“This’ll confuse them.”

said the Sun in his ‘hot’ voice.

Well, we had no choice


but to be confused.

We stared at the dusty sky,

then went back to bed.