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Upon The Haiku

Upon The Haiku

A Haiku is a funny thing;

with its syllable count

and its three lines

of poetry

sticking to a strict format.


An ‘Actual’ Monosyllabic Haiku

An ‘Actual’ Monosyllabic Haiku

it is short and sweet;

and one that has no long words;

not a one at all.

A Monosyllabic Haiku

A Monosyllabic Haiku


Why so many syllables?

Anybody know?

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

It’s Friday Morning;

it’s no good mourning Thursday,

just get over it.

Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

What can a Haiku do

when it’s a syllable too long

on all three of its lines?

Wall Haiku

Wall Haiku

A wall went AWOL,

it couldn’t be found at all –

Trumpty just stood there.

My Valiant Attempt at A Sestina… Not!

My Valiant Attempt At A Sestina… Not!

To write a Sestina is no easy task

its structure’s not easy to use;

however, I’ll try one, and see how it goes,

it will be an experiment for me;

but, a lack of internal stanza rhymes

has already messed with my head.

I may do a Haiku instead.

Sestina, my word!

oh, so difficult you are,

that I do concede.