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Thursday’s Terrible Haiku

Now, let’s get this straight,

Thursday’s Haiku not be great,

due to lack of space.

mis Hwevrer

Kynsa mis Hwevrer,

Nowydh an mis. y fydh erg.

Pur dhrog! Dress up warm.


Kynsa = first

mis = month

mis Hwevrer = February

Nowydh = new

an mis = the month

y fydh ergh = there will be snow

Pur dhrog! = very bad.

The fairytale castle

Atop a mountain

a fairytale castle stands;

with stories untold.

dy’Meurth Haiku

dy’Meurth, that’s hedhyw!

Ha ‘Meurth’ is not planet Earth,

mes Mars – oh, such mirth!


dy (contraction of ‘dydh’) = day

dy’Meurth = Tuesday

hedhyw = today

Ha = and

mes = but

Meurth = Mars

Response to a bad pun

It’s a ‘badum-tish!’

from ev’rybody ever –

and you deserve it.

dy’Lun Haiku

dy’Lun – no planet;

ny wonn vy why it’s dy’Lun,

but it is – dydh da!




dy =shortening of ‘dydh’ = day

Lun = yet to find out

dy’Lun = Monday

ny wonn vy = I don’t know (exactly that phrase)

dydh da! = Good day! / Hello!

The winter runs clear

The Winter runs clear

like a river it is here,

until the Spring breaks.

dy’Sul Haiku

dy’Sul at week’s end,

dydh da, sos – my Sunday friend;

Gerlyow attend.




A mix of Kernewek and English, with layers of meaning and rhymes combining both.


dy = a contraction of ‘dydh’ = day

dy’Sul = Sunday

Sul = the Sun

dydh = day

da = good

dydh da = hello! / Good day!

sos = friend

Gerlyow = words

dy’Sadorn Haiku

dy’Sadorn is here!

kynsa dydh dhe’n pennseythen;

y’tho, lowen ov vy.




Tried this one off the cuff –

apart from having to check ‘weekend’, and a slight tweak here and there (omma hag ena)


dy = shortening of ‘dydh’ = day

dy’Sadorn = Saturday

Sadorn = Saturn

kynsa = first

dydh = day

dhe’n = of the

pennseythen = weekend

y’tho = so

lowen = happy

ov vy = I am

lowen ov vy = I am happy.


A lot more Kernewek (Cornish) in this Haiku –

it’s good (da) for my learning (ow tyski), although I still just might be a little (byghan) adrift in some places.



I used to be woke

I used to be woke…

in the mornings, by my Mum;

until I left home.