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Nadelik Lowen Haiku

“Nadelik Lowen!”

I called to all the people.

“Kynnyav yw!” they cried.

A sad Haiku

“I just have to cry,

for my life is such a mess,

and my words they suck.”

NB The Haiku is sad,

not the poet who wrote it –

he is quite happy.


English / Cornish Haiku

“Hy lodrow o gwynn

a-ugh hy diwlin.” he said,

“Did ‘she’ dress to please?”

PS ‘Hy lodrow a gwynn / a-ugh hy diwlin’ translates as: ‘Her stockings were white / above the knees.’

Today Haiku

Today, like as not,

is the first day of your life –

if starting from now.

It’s a sorry world…

It’s a sorry world…

when seventeen syllables

beats longer poems.

A Haiku a Day

A Haiku a day

is too much for some people –

by just one Haiku.


“It’s so quiet here,

because we are all at home,

and our lives have changed.”

Not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku,

even though it does have

the word Haiku in its title,

and also in lines 1, 3,

8, and 9;

but, surely, you can see,

by its structure

that it is not a Haiku.

A Haiku is short –

much shorter than this poem –

and has fewer lines.

When a Haiku cries

When a Haiku cries

the world is a sadder place…

as all poets know.

As if a Haiku…

As if a Haiku…

with all its twists and its turns,

could not satisfy.