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Friday I’m In Haiku

When Friday is done

it is time for the weekend:

so let fun commence.

Vegan Pecan Pie

Vegan Pecan Pie

is never on my menu, –

any idea why?

Saturday Haiku #4

A walk with the dogs,

then *hoovering the bedroom.,

then *hoover the lounge.

*Hoover is the name of a Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company – I live in a Vacuum not a Hoover. Discuss.

Saturday Haiku #3

So, what is the plan?

Get out of that lazy bed

and paint the town green!

Saturday Haiku #2

It is the weekend!

And that begins Saturday,

and ends… all too soon.

Saturday Haiku #1

Saturday Haiku –

no different at all from…

… any other one.

It is Saturday (a Haiku)

It is Saturday –

and you all know what that means:

Saturday Haiku!

A Haiku Poem?

If I really was going to write a Haiku

I would stick to the Haiku rules;

but, as I’m not,

I shall just pop down a few lines

that don’t even rhyme.

How cool is that?

My floccinaucinihilipilification Haiku

This is my flocci-


fication Haiku.

In the Car Haiku #JustSaying

Warmer in the car,

with the Sun’s warmth through the screen,

than it is outside.