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Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

What can a Haiku do

when it’s a syllable too long

on all three of its lines?


Wall Haiku

Wall Haiku

A wall went AWOL,

it couldn’t be found at all –

Trumpty just stood there.

My Valiant Attempt at A Sestina… Not!

My Valiant Attempt At A Sestina… Not!

To write a Sestina is no easy task

its structure’s not easy to use;

however, I’ll try one, and see how it goes,

it will be an experiment for me;

but, a lack of internal stanza rhymes

has already messed with my head.

I may do a Haiku instead.

Sestina, my word!

oh, so difficult you are,

that I do concede.

✍🏻 Upon A Haiku

✍🏻 Upon A Haiku

A Haiku is short,

and takes little time to write

then it has gone. Quick.

Often it has rhyme;

even within such small space,

a morsel it is.

Having eaten one,

you may just want another,

or one may be fine.

When you read Haiku,

know that you must read deeply,

they are more than short.

Within each Haiku

there is a hidden message,

perhaps one of hope.

As, I now do know,

Haiku are not what they seem

from the view outside.

And they all must speak

words that we should learn to hear,

with our open ears.

Bedtime Haiku

Bedtime Haiku

My bedtime haiku

is not as tired as me;

but it’s a close thing.

(Inc. Haiku) Boxing Day is Over (00:00)

(Inc. Haiku) Boxing Day is Over (00:00)

That’s it!

All gone!

Never to return.


We shall get another one,

next year,

and the year after that,

and so on.

Boxing Day was here;

but now it is no longer,

“Bye, bye, Boxing Day!”

Boxing Day 2018 #5 (04:00)

Boxing Day 2018 #5 (04:00)

I hear faint birdsong,

and I am mesmerised

by their preamble.