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The Trick Haiku (and a Tanka).

raced from A to Z

The frenetic alphabet

in no time at all.

Initially, the Haiku wasn’t a Haiku.

I had the sensible:

The frenetic alhabet

raced from A to Z

in no time at all.

We’ll, that wouldn’t do;

So, I just mixed up the lines

And all became clear.

We’ll, actually,

It made things a lot less clear;

If you understand –

Which I am sure that you do;

Otherwise, all is in vain.

Play with words, go on;

You know you really want to;

Which is only right.

So, there you have it;

A Haiku, and a Tanka,

And some more Haiku.



A Haiku?

A haiku, you see;

Is three lines; of syllables,

Five, seven, and five.

Three lines; one, two three;

And syllables that fit in

Of five, seven, five.

Five in the first line,

Seven in the second line

And five in the third.

Hamlet Haiku

In the play ‘Hamlet’,

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Meet unhappy ends.

‘Last’ @baffled

‘Last’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge # Haiku

“Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

…ummm… what was the next bit, guys?

Oh, right – thanks, guys…

… Blast!”

‘Hole’ @baffled

‘Hole’ @ baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

Too much alcohol

Eats into your charisma;

Not enough does, too!

‘Fire’ @baffled

Fire’ @baffled #HaikiChallenge # Haiku

“Free Wi-Fi! Really?”

“Yup! As much as you desire.”

“And an open fire!”

‘Wonder’ @baffled

‘Wonder’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

“Well, we won, Derek!”

“First prize in the Lottery?”

“No – two free lunches.”