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I am a Poetry Type.

I am a Poetry Type.

Haiku for Nature;

a Tanka for love poems;

Senryu, funny.

Limericks, also funny;

Sonnets are for love poems;

Pantoums and Villanelles weird.


Recycle Poets! (Revisited – now in Haiku or Tanka version).

“Recycle Poets!”

Haiku Version

Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.


Tanka Version

“Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.

And if that doesn’t stop them

Then probably nothing will!”

My Vegan Haiku

My Vegan Haiku

My Vegan Haiku

does not contain nasty bits,

and is safe for all.

“It started off as a Gull Tanka…”

“It started off as a Gull Tanka…”

A gull has to do

what a seagull has to do;

but in name only.

There are no birds called seagulls;

and only three types of gull:

Herring, Large White-Headed,

and the Great-Black-Backed –

obviously there are others;

but, if I mentioned them all here,

I wouldn’t be able to fit them

neatly into this Tanka.

The Antidisestablishmentarianism Haiku.

The antidisest-


ism Haiku is here;

but, what would it take to make

that form into a Tanka?

A Haiku, A Haiku, And A Tanka.

“Why write a Haiku?”

Well, because they are so short,

and easily done.

“Is that all there is?”

it’s subject should be Nature,

and always subtle.

“Can I write Haiku?”

Anyone can write a Haiku,

even I write them –

sometimes I add two more lines

and, hey presto, a Tanka!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge ‘Rebel’ and ‘Change’

Rebel & Change Haiku

We are bell-ringers

and you cannot pull our legs

as we ring in change.

To find out / what Ronovan is / all about Find details here.