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Haiku: ‘Twenty-Six – Alpha-Better’ by Grabcemef Sandefordghij Klim


An Adam’s Apple;

Almost Always Adjacent,

Appears Angular.


Brevity Bouts Bring

Brief Badinage; But, Banter

Barely Breaks Backbones.


Ceilings Came Crashing,

Creaky Corridors Crumbled;

Catastrophe Called.


Devious Daydreams;

Delicious, Deadly, Direct;

Dazzled, Doziness.


Elegant Elephants

Encourage Ego Empathy,

Entirely Exact.


Fraudulent Ferrets;

Found Freeform Folios False,

Finally Flippetty!


Go, Gradually;

Get Gone! Gracefully, Glider,

Gain Gravity-Guile.


Hello! Hovering?

How Has Happenstance Helped Heal

Humanity’s Heart?


Indigo ideas

Infer ideological



Jealous Judice

Jousts Justly, Jeapordising

Jaunty Jillian.


Keep Kryptonite, Ken!

Kilted Katie’s Karate –

Kent Knockers Ken Kin.


Laughingly, Lawrence

Loved Languages – Like Latin

Less Low Latvian.


Maddeningly, Man,

Meant More, Made Many Mistakes;

Mocking Maker’s Mix.


Never Nullify

Natural Newts Nationwide

Nor Nip Natterjacks.


Obviously Old,

Oligarchies, Outdated,

Or Over-Optioned.


Parrots, Pecking Pips;

Place Pastel Pink Paper Packs

Precisely, Polly!


Quaint Qualities Queued,

Quietly; Quick-Quilled Quins

Quothed Quite Quackily.


Reverse Retrospect

Really Raises Registers

Roles Reversed – Regains.


Sweetest Solitude;

Sanctuary’s Soul Solace;

Swiftly She Succumbs.


Titanic Tottered;

Torrid Times, Terrifying

Those Tense Travellers.


Ungrateful Urchin!

Unknown Upbringing Utters

Unstable Urges.


Verity, Vaulting,

Victorious, Valueless,

Vitamin Verve!


Whiskey Wakes Walter;

“Will Wally Wait While Walls Wilt?”

What Waffle, Walter!


X-rays ‘Xamined;

” ‘Xcellent!” ” ‘Xtra! ‘Xtra!

‘Xcellency’s X! ”


Yacht Yard’s Yearly Yarn;

Yellow Yangste Yearns Your ‘Yes!’

You Yell ‘Yaffle-Yap!’


Zero Zebras Zone Zoo!

Zealous Zen Zithers Zorba Zed;

Zippidy Zig-Zag!

Wal-ku 11 (Fish & Ships – a riddle) by Vega



“The fish live in it?
And the ships sail upon it?
I think it is… ‘sea!’ “



Haiku: ‘One’ by Graeme Sandford (01.08.2014)


The Three Musketeers:
‘All for one, and one for all!’
by Alex Dumas.