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The Seagull Flies

The Seagull Flies

The Seagull Flies are just like your average, everyday, flies; except that they do have an incessant hankering for dive-bombing innocent holidaymakers at the seaside, and subtracting their recently purchased thoroughfares from their weedy little grasps – to the accompaniment of gasps of disbelief, cries of grief, and bemoanings of great, but ultimately insignificant, loss.

Herring Daffogulls?

Herring Daffogulls?

I wandered lonely as a gull;

that trawls the boats from Looe to Hull,

who follows after little ships,

in search for fish

and maybe chips;

and, if I’m lucky,

or very plucky,

I might just crest

and wave goodbye

my hidden dips.

Seagull Swoops

Seagull Swoops

Seagull swoops,

loops the loops,

and captures the moment,

that you lost your food,

forever, in your mind

the bird that had designs upon your treat;

swiped by beak and feet

in one mad rush of adrenalin…


But not forgotten,

as the gull gulps

his Ill-gotten gains,

upon your parade fall the rains.

Spiralling Out Of Control

Spiralling Out Of Control

I am in a spiral,

my latest poem is going viral,

it has reached three,

maybe four,


in the two hours since I posted it –

people must love poems about gulls

and, now, I must be off to write some more

poems of gulls upon a Cornish shore.

‘Where have all the seagulls gone?’

‘Where have all the seagulls gone?’

Where have all the seagulls gone?

I walked through the town

whilst eating my fare,

there wasn’t a single seagull there!

I sat on the beach with my cool ‘99,

the sun shone brightly,

the sand was so fine;

but, ne’er did I hear the cry of:

‘Watch out, he’ll have your food!”

No, not a seagull to be seen,

how very rude.

I wish the seagulls would return,

I wish they would dive-bomb my snack;

oh, where, where are the seagulls?

I do hope they will soon venture back.

Where have all the seagulls gone?

I have a fresh pasty, a lolly, a scone;

I need the seagulls to take their share,

or my diet is ruined beyond repair.

Oh, where have all the seagulls gone?


More About Unwin and Neverwin the Seagulls

More About Unwin and Neverwin the Seagulls

Whilst many superfluous mathematicians may consider it a high probability that a one-winged seagullI would have to flap twice as hard as a two winged seagull to travel the same distance – albeit following a different trajectory –

in practice this is seldom if rarely the case.

Another Few Words Upon Seagulls – as if you needed more.

Another Few Words Upon Seagulls – as if you needed more.

“What are those gulls doing

up in the sky?

They were there yesterday,

they are there today;

and, by-and-by,

they’ll be there tomorrow!”