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One Less Guitar

One Less Guitar

One less guitar,

and the house feels much colder,

because I didn’t burn it, I sold her

for a handful of beans,

magical beans,

that will grow into a wonderful plant;

and that plant I shall climb,

reach a magical kingdom,

have a wonderful time,

and be back home before tea;

where my guitar will be waiting for –

Guitar Upon the Wall

Guitar Upon The Wall

The guitar hangs upon the wall

like a picture drawn a thousand times;

but, where is the use it needs to feel,

the lyric phrase, the quirky rhymes?

Strings, untuned, coated fine

with the dust of betrayal,

silently thrum to the tune

of an unheard song

from long, long ago;

when, or if, they shall play again

it’s beyond my knowledge to know.