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We love to Bee by the Sea

A is, for argument’s sake, Apple

B is for Bee,

C is for the Chive Mind

that thinks that D is for Dapple,

or Daffodil – which do you choose?

E is for Ever,

F is for Forever,

G is neither;

but G is for Grae, me.

And I love to bee by the sea.

Grae said (that Ovid said)

Grae said

that Ovid said

that Plutarch wrote

a note

to Diogenes of Sinope;

but, Plato disputed this,

and Heironymus Bosch


painted a recreation of the event,

in crayon.

History shows the above to be largely untrue;

but, History is a thing of the past.

Fifty Shapes of Grae (No.1: The Circle)


Fifty Shapes of Grae
1. Starting with the simple symmetry of a circle.

Round and round it goes
Never ending
Chasing its own tail
Never to fail
Like a wheel
Or an orbit
Cyclical and proportional
Representing the Sun
And the full of the Moon
A perfect circle is something
To make a mathematical man swoon.