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Whither shall I wander?

Is my life in vain?

I wonder whether Wanda

will ever want me –

Shall I ask her once again?

Wanda, will you have me?

Will you answer me my dear?

Why are you so cold? I ask –

one more log upon the fire –

Are you frigid with desire?

But, Wanda, will not waver

and, worse, she will not speak;

is it Wanda’s withered welcome

that makes me admit defeat?

A Gothic Tale

I was attacked by a vampire butterfly, today!

Well, I think it was a vampire butterfly – it went straight for my neck;

though I’m not sure if it bit me or not,

as I can’t see any bite marks – they could be quite a small –

but, since then I have been avoiding the Sun,

silver crucifixes,

wooden stakes

and hearing the call

of an open coffin

In a dark crypt

within a Gothic mansion.

All of this is very well,

and I was truly fine with it;

until I found out that vampire butterflies do exist!