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On God’s Birthday

On God’s Birthday

God received a ‘Do-It-Yourself Creation Kit’ for his birthday.

“Thank you Mum! Thank you Dad!”

God’s insincere thanks brought a wry smile to His parent’s lips.

“Oh, well…’ commented God’s mum to her husband, ‘At least we tried.’

God popped the box under his bed and returned to his copy of ‘The Brando’.

Horus Gets to the Chorus

Horus Gets to the Chorus

“Don’t bore us, Horus,

just get to the chorus!”

shouted the Egyptian mob.

Upon which sentiment, Horus

did, indeed, get to the chorus;

which was all about having hecklers disembowelled whilst they still had the blood pumping round their bodies.

Horus never did have a sense of humour.