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Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday! @ghfeelgoodfood

Now I saw on o Facebook post a while back, that it was Waffle Wednesday at the Green House. Yay! I thought. Then the poet in me went, ‘Oi! That’s not alliterative enough! ‘Waffle Wednesday is fine, but, then you have ‘Green House?!’ I mean, come on!

What you need is proper alliteration.

Waffle Wednesday at Wendy Wu-Wu’s Wicked Wafflearium!’ Now that’s what I call alliteration.

Helen and the gang are currently considering my idea – and I hold great hopes for it.

A little green (really eats you up)

A little green (really eats you up)

Eat up your greens

before they eat you up;

was something that

I was often told as a child;

Mother had a strange way of getting me to eat all of my vegetables and fruit;

though tomatoes weren’t green,

green tomatoes weren’t invented until the late 1980s.

The thing about writing poetry on Notes microphone is that you don’t always get the words written down that you speak in;

and trying to decipher them afterwards is interesting, don’t you think?

Yes, I thought you did.

A little green (eats you up)

A little green (eats you up)


Green people

of the house;

be you pale lime green

and as cool as cucumbers

or rugged avocado-types

like prime numbers at a mathematical slumber party

(and even I don’t know what any of that meant)

A little intro and then a poem about ‘Green’ tissues.

A little intro and then a poem about ‘Green’ tissues.

… and I thought, somewhat mistakenly, so it seems, that I was supposed to bring a poem that dealt with green ‘tissues’ – not that I have a preference in the colour of the tissues that I purchase , I’m not prejudiced – and I do still use hankies on occasion (or ‘handkerchiefs’ as they were formerly known.

So this poem is as green as grass –

unless we’re talking about Bluegrass; and, talking about Bluegrass, I like it a lot – but my landlord is none too keen, so it will have to be resprayed.

Anyway, not to waste a good poem – or even a mediocre one – this is ‘Green Tissues’

by me:

Green Tissues,

not to be sneezed at;

the colour of a tissue

doesn’t denote its worth –

as long as the tissue can be recycled,

and doesn’t harm the Earth –

and the shade of green

is not important,

various shades can be purchased,

and, seen from a distance,

all shades are (or seem) the same.

A tissue—

“Bless you!”

Thank you.

A tissue—

“Bless you!”

Thank you, most kind, I’m sure.

A… well, one of these,

is as good as any other tissue is.

So, I don’t really know what the issue is.

I may be considered a ‘comedy’ poet.

I may be considered a ‘comedy’ poet.

I may be considered a ‘comedy’ poet,

with a quirky style;

because, I am


an all-know-it;

and I try to write poems

that make people smile,

or laugh.


The day of the giraffe tea party had finally arrived,

‘all’ the giraffes were gathered

in the Village Hall;

the veritably hardened of the drinkers

had gathered in the corner by the largest urns,

and they were necking down hot lapsang souchong by the bucketful

and quoting Robbie Burns.

But, some matters ‘are’ serious;

some issues are contentious,

or hot –

potatoes, for example, are not.

Unless you consider Climate Change a hot potato;

or global warming; insensitive intensive farming;

these issues are alarming.

The truth be told,

I am just one poet

doing what he does,

in his own silly way;

but that doesn’t mean I don’t care

about the serious things.


#WaffleWednesday @GHFeelGoodFood

“The verb waffle seems to have its origins in the 1690s as the word waff, “to yelp,” possibly in imitation of the yelping of dogs. The word soon came to mean “to talk foolishly” and then eventually “to vacillate, to change.” The food term waffle, as part of “waffle iron,” appeared in 1794, a descendant of the Dutch word wafel, which comes from the same Germanic source as weave: it’s easy to see the waffle pattern as similar to a woven fabric.”

Which was ‘borrowed’ from the Interweb.

So to verb or to noun that is the question?