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The geese police

The geese police never cease;

from Mevageesey to the isles of Greece,

they seek under stones,

they find no peace

always searching as the circles decrease.


And people have been heard

from near or far

to loudly comment

about how migreat they are.


Will the wonders

begin to cease,

when I happen to spy

low-flying geese?

When Geese Fly

When Geese Fly

He honks his horn “Get out of our way!”

is what the goose, to the seagull did say.

“We’re bigger than you,

we’re coming through,

now please be shifting,

and a ‘good day’ to you.”

“Low-Flying Geese!”

“Low-Flying Geese!”

“Beware Low-Flying Geese!”

the sign read;

and then there was the small print;

“Or you’ll have the Low-Flying Geese Police to deal with!”

This sounded like a warning, and a threat; and I don’t appreciate warnings, or threats.

That was when it hit me.

Silly Nonsense!

Silly Nonsense!

I signed up for a ninety-nine year lease

on a two-up, three down flock of geese;

now I am waiting for my commitment to cease,

as there has been an Oriental increase.

“The Geese!”

“The Geese!”

The Geese

Fly East-southeast,

they are heading for a feast

or a cuppa at the least.

Later they will fly back

heading West-northwest.

I hope they dressed well for their journeys;

with thick socks and a vest.