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December will be magic again.

December will be,

as Kate sang,

magic again.



as Kate sang,

will be magic again.


it won’t.

But, the future

has not yet been written,

and may go many ways.

So, 1980s Kate

may have been right,

may yet be right,


well, let us wait and see.

Who knows which way the wind will blow?

Nothing like the Present


Me: Let’s play ‘Time Fly Spy’

You: No. I want to stay here in the present.

Me: But, that ‘present’ you speak of is now in the past.

You: It is?

Me: Most surely. As an ‘is’ it is now a ‘was’.

You: Oh! But, I want to stay in the present.

Me: There is only one way for you to stay in the present.

You: There is?

Me: Indeed. Do you see this box?

You: Yes.

Me: It’s yours. I’m giving it you.

You: Thank you. It’s rather large.

Me: Yes. Any smaller and you won’t fit into it.

You: Sorry!

Me: You can live in it.

You: Really?

Me: Yes. Enjoy your present.

You: Gee, thanks!

The stopped clock (but, only for a second)


And as the wind-up clock of time
Whistles through my ears
I pause my hands for just a second
And listen to the thick tick tock
Fade into history…
Soon to be replaced by the new kid on the clock
And time stood still?
And still stands still?
Still, you can’t wind them all.