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Friday I’m In Haiku

When Friday is done

it is time for the weekend:

so let fun commence.

Wetfriddy Haiku

It could be any

of the many days there are;

but, it’s Wetfriddy.

Friday (I don’t mind)

I’m neither happy

nor unhappy

that it is Friday –

I don’t mind at all;

but, I know,

that there are some

who have been waiting

for this day to arrive

since last Sunday night –

which is alright…

if you like Friday;

which I neither do,

nor don’t –

or so I say.

I unwrote a radio script today.

Sadly, that is what I did: whilst trying to listen to a ‘notes’ document on my iPhone I managed within two or three seconds to delete the whole thing.

Not the end of the world, nor a major catastrophe, but I felt the sadness that losing something precious brings.

It’s not like losing a friend or a relative – as also happened today – and in comparison losing a sketch, poem, or script is nothing – but it set my mood on a downward slope that has been hanging around me since.

Losing a friend of Jane’s today is much more serious, and my error pales into insignificance – however, some things we can avoid, and some things we can’t.

It’s been quite a rubbishy Friday, and all on top of the current crisis in the world.

Sharing a thought for those who lose, and those who are lost in the world today, and every day.


HaikuFriku – 3 Friday Haiku about Time

Well, it’s about time.

My haiku, is what I mean –

its subject matter.

What does it matter

if I write my three Haiku

on the Saturday?

I know, a day late;

but, I only received the note

in my sober state.

A poem for a cold and frosty (Friday) morning.

My fingers type

the words;

no hype,

just honest

to goodness



in my fingers,

where I have none.

My brain



to keep the warmth

of creative thought alive;

but, there is a glimmer

from an unquenchable ember

that I have

deep in the heart of my being.

Friday Morning Deliberations.

Friday Morning Deliberations.

Should I invest in a vest?

Or should I just give it a rest?

When all is said and pun…

if I do purchase a vest

should I wear it facing West?

I ask you,

in the hope of a definitive answer – and to get the question

off my chest.


No? I thought as much;

such is the way of things,

and any thought that has wings

may just fly


You might have guessed.