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My Vegan Limerick

My Vegan Limerick (Mon Végétalien Limerick)

There was a young lady from France

Who only ate seeds, nuts and plants,

She was kind to the planet

Her name n’était pas Janet

And she strove to give les animaux une chance.

En Francais (mange tout, mon amis)

In Frenchais!

In Frenchais!

En Francais, s’il vous plait
Le ‘Bon Mot’ quest que c’est?
Ah! Le ‘Bon Mot de la Jour’
C’est… ‘minimalist!’
Minimalist! Do-do, di-do-do.
Minimalist! Do-do-do-do.
Minimalist! Do-do, di-do-do
Da-do-do, da-do-do, da-do-do-do-do-do-doo-do!
Qu’elle surprise!

The FPDS (which stands for ‘French Pants Dance Stance’ is a very short title, as I do realise that I have been posting some extremely long titles lately – that has now stopped, you’ll be relieved to hear)

Not my groins - sorry. G:)

Not my groins – sorry. G:)

You can’t do the pants dance
If you’ve got no pants
And you can’t do the French pants dance
If you’re not in France
So don’t take up the French pants dance stance

A Little Collaboration! (Jane’s Musings and I)

Not that the French say this.

Not that the French say this.

The invention
Of intention
One day
Purely by chance.
It added a new dimension
To my writing
And, did I mention
It happened
One day
Purely by chance?

It was at a dance
In France
A chanson d’amour
Was playing
For sure
On the juke-box
It was le chanson
Tous les jours
For the day
All day
Every day.