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Time for a rhyme

Have you got time

for a rhyme?


Okay, this will have to be



(“Call the Poetry Hearse

because trad poetry is dead!”)

I said

it would happen

and it did;

it has been found out,

wherever it had been hid.

Now there is nothing

but opening doors

that once were shut,

and gentle tides

on foreign shores;

all metaphors

and similar things

that no longer conform

to the old poetry laws.

Please comment upon these words

in syllables of no more than two thirds.

Less of a Haiku…

Less of a Haiku

and more of a free-flowing poem

that doesn’t have to be ruled by rules,

the poem smiling, wandered aimlessly,

stopping to look at new shoots,

faintly breathing in their freshness,

admiring their tenacity

to pop up so soon.

No plans for the day,

come what may,

the poem was at peace in the world.

Not a conventional Haiku

This is not a conventional Haiku,

as you can tell by the line length,

the syllable count,

and the number of lines involved.

In fact, it has no recognisable form.

and it doesn’t even rhyme.

It might not catch on,

but it’s good to buck the poetic system

once in a while.

Random Acts of Poetry #3

Having mastered the Haiku,

the Tanka, and the like

You can always move on

to free form free verse,

like this one – but better,

or marginally worse.