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Freedom (effort 3)

Freedom for Wales;

Freedom for quails;

Freedom for heads,

And also for tails;

Freedom for buckets

And Freedom for pales.
Freedom for rabbits

To want to be hares;

Freedom to turn up unannounced

And catch the Pope unawares;

Freedom to tea-tray

When travelling downstairs.

‘Freedom for Tooting!’

Said ‘Wolfie’ anon;

Now, Tooting has freedom

It’s slavedom has gone.
So, Freedom for one

And Freedom for all

Freedom to be what you want in Nepal;

Freedom for France,

Freedom for Rome,

Freedom to live in the safety of Home.
Freedom to be free

Freedom to live

Freedom to forget

And Freedom to forgive.



Trelissick, Cornwall 18-05-2015

Trelissick, Cornwall 18-05-2015

We walk along in Summer sun
The paths we tread are free to all
To exercise the pups and us
We run and twist, we turn in fun
We keep the track, they return to call…
We miss the city’s hustle, bustle, fuss
Not one bit;

We shall heed freedom’s thrall;
Unwind the tensioned inner truss;
Revealing a peace we ‘now’ recall.