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Moon Over Looe (with four-let’r word)

Moon Over Looe.

That Moon,

over Looe,

blue, slim

with edge thin;

lost, bold, cold;

what else?

Cool dude,

nude, rude,

spin away?

Ne’er! Stay!

That Moon,

over Looe,


04-04-2015 – #NaPoWriMo – On The Fourth Day…


On the Fourth Day
I created…

Not much, as poems go;
But, who will know
What rhymes I may create
At this early state
Of… creation.

Oh, dear; it seems a poor beginning;
Knowing that fourth place
Is the first of the losers;
No silverware winning;
No gold adorning;

But, hold on,
July the Fourth
And May the Fourth
Are better by far
Than the three days before ‘them’;
So, why shouldn’t I be, too?
I mean, April the first was a joke;
‘And’ the second and third,
It just takes a while
To lose the smile
And get down to some serious days in the month.

This time it falls to me
To host a Saturday;
So that’s an added bonus
As everybody will be happy
To see this day and be
Warmed by the sun for hours
Whilst being cooled
By April showers
And seeking Rainbows
Is always exciting
And, I’m told,
If you are finding the end of a Rainbow
There won’t be a pot of some old metal;
But, a unicorn to behold;
Which will be nice.

Okay, let me get a beginning
On this day’s poem
If I am any plaudits to be winning…
What’s that you say, old chum
‘It’s gone on too long, already,
And you’re feeling glum.’
Oh, dear, I suppose
You’d prefer some prose
And pipe and slippers instead
Of a lengthy poem
Inside your head.
Well, well, poem thief

I shall then be brief
And just write you a haiku;
Is that a relief?