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Cornish Panties (misprint?)

I fill my Cornish Panties

with carrots and with swede:

I pop in cooked green lentils,

as Vegan is my creed;

add potatoes and some seasoning;

to give the zest I need,

I love these Cornish Panties,

I am a fool indeed.

Butterbean Barley Buddha Bowl (#Vegan Poetry)

Butterbean Barley Buddha Bowl (#Vegan Poetry)

Would you like…

a Butterbean Barley Buddha Bowl?

I’d like to be able to say it.

There’s a lady on the seashore, she sells them.

That figures.

If I said that…

If I said that…

If I said that

that was horrible,

would you be offended?

If I said that…

then I would be lying.

if I said that

that tasted bland,

would our engagement be there ended?

If I said that…

I would still be lying.

If I said that

that was quite possibly

the tastiest food

that I had ever had?

I wouldn’t be lying?

And then you bring me something else,

that you have created with your charms…

And, if I said that

that was even better

than anything I’d ever tried…

I cried…

“My tastebuds have exploded;

my head is in a spin;

how I love your Barbecue Cauliflower,

and everything you make,

Crispy Tofu for the win!”

… and, then,

the creamiest Cheezecake.

Nooch – Another Vegan Haiku (because people seem to like them).

Nooch – Another Vegan Haiku (because people seem to like them).


Nutritional yeast,

it’s a beast of many horns –

no, only joking.

“Pasty cold , or piping hot?” @RateMyPasty

“Pasty cold , or piping hot?” @RateMyPasty

Rate my pasty

from one to ten –

or from onan to deg

if you like.

Berate my pasty

if you dare,

it should only be mine

to celebrate

or discard in Liskeard

in despair.

Integrate a Devon pasty?

Infiltrate, I think not.

No, furnish me

with Cornish fare

crimped to the side

and leave me there

to contemplate

the meal’s sad fate;

my Cornish Pasty

I here await.

“Hot Pasties Ahead!”

“Hot Pasties Ahead!”

Hot Pasties in a lay-by;

10am to 2pm.

Cornish provender

for the hungry traveller,

and if you missed the opportunity

to feed your Cornish needs,

there’s another Pasty lay-by

wherever this road leads.

The Postman Only Brings Gnocchi Twice.

The Postman Only Brings Gnocchi Twice.

The first time, it was such a surprise,

and the gnocchi was really, really nice.

The second time, he also gave us garlic bread as a side,

very long, not that wide,

(we think that they may have been breadsticks).

When the postman left a second time,

we awaited his return;

but, we were sad, later that day, to learn in a trice,

that the postman only brings gnocchi, twice.