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Butterfly fluttering by (2)

I said “Hello!’ to the butterfly,

as the butterfly fluttered by;

but the butterfly did not say ‘Hi!’,

as he, or she, just fluttered by;

perhaps, I thought, I am an idiot,

or some such likewise thing.

A Butterfly Has 6 Eyes – revisited:

I have been told

that a butterfly

has six eyes;

however, ‘Biuititieirfily’ is, obviously, quite wrong.

The orange tip

Hurrah! Hurrah! the orange tip

who would not stay,

her bags unzip,

and take up a place upon a leaf,

actually settled for a second;

best endeavours

catch a picture

that is like a bas relief

to me.

Billy Butterfly

Billy Butterfly

liked a flutter,

a gambling butterfly was he;

Billy Butterfly

liked to flutter

to the bookies

at a quarter to three;

where he’d place a bet

on ‘Mother’s Pride’

or ‘Wingin’ It’

or the like;

and Billy Butterfly

often won

the attention of a cashier

named Brie.

Both being of a type,

they dated and flew,

as a pair of courting Flutterbys

are apt to do.

Billy gave up gambling,

and they both settled down,

spending their days

just skimming the hedgerows

on the outskirts of town.

The Butterfly Flea

“What is in it for me?”

said the Butterfly,

“And why are you calling I—

sorry, why are you calling me

a Butterflea Fly?

when I am obviously, a butterfly flea—

oh, now you’re confusing me…

I am

a butterfly;

but, really, I should be called

a flutterby,

do you see?”