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Bee in a flower

I’m just a bee in a flower,

hour upon hour,

not the same one, obviously,

lots of different ones;

because I’m a bee,

and flowers, I find,

are attractive to me.

The Bee and the Flower (revisited)

The Bee sat upon the Flower

for just under an hour,

which was longer than usual, by far;

The Bee sang a song,

the Flower sang along,

(she joined in the chorus, ‘La la!’)


When the Bee flew away,

it was a much duller day,

thought the Flower, with a sigh and a tear;

‘but Bees must buzz on,

and the memory’s not gone’,

thought the Flower,

‘and the song was so lovely to hear.’


Then she sang the chorus

of that song once again,

much quieter than before,

and she sang it to all those that passed

in the Sun and the rain,

it could softly be heard

all day long, until night fell at last. 

‘La la,

la la,

la la…’

Another Flower

I saw another

and another

in a hedgerow

but, not in a row,

randomly spread

out and about;

they caught my eye,

the colourous shades

made an impression,

so I

made a digression,

and took

a closer look.

A Flower

Growing wild,

living free,

saffron waves

noticed by me;

I have no knowledge

of the make or model

I just love the colour –

would I love you half as much

if you were fifty percent duller?



I saw a flower,

on the verge,

of a nervous breakdown.

Trembling, gently,

in the breeze,

it seemed to freeze,

when I took its picture.