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Where be they?

Where be the cows?

Where be they?

“In a field full of gulls,

with too much to say,

is there no room

for a grass-chewing herd?”

I ask the gulls,

“Nothing to do with us.” they say.

Fields full of seagulls

Fields full of seagulls;

and, when I say full,

I do not mean full;

but, there were quite a few;

and we are nowhere near the sea,

Between you and me,

I think that the seagulls have kidnapped the cowls,

or are their stunt doubles,

when time allows,

Or they are just standing in

whilst the cows go down the pub,

metaphorically speaking – rub-a-dub-dub.

The seagulls are in the field, of my vision,

and I can take nothing for granted.

It has since been revealed…

It has, since, been revealed, that the sheep were in the large undulating field.

The cows were in an adjacent field to the one that the sheep were in.

And the three horses were currently tearing at some short-bladed shrub grass in the field beyond that.

There were no pigs in any of the fields.

Alpacas (or Llamas) might have been present in the triangular-shaped field near to the stream. but no one could confirm this.

Goats had been kept in the ‘Paddock’ as it was called, but they had eaten their way to freedom, and their current whereabouts were unknown – even to themselves.

That was all you could say about the inhabitants (or not) of the fields beyond Northleigh Ferrers.

Not that it was of any interest to anybody.

Looking Out

Looking out

across the fields

from the viewpoint

of a 5-bar gate,

I wish that I was

able to graze the meadows,

rather than merely gaze at them.

Scarecrows in Fields

If I ‘start’ talking to scarecrows in fields,

then I may have just lost it;

however, if I just ‘continue’ talking to the scarecrows in fields…

… as I have done for many years…

who’s to say that I have become mad?

Standing at the Gate.

Standing at the Gate.

I lean on the gate

and survey the world;

at least, the world within my grasp;

for there is much more than that beyond

my gaze, beyond my ken;

but what I have, I clasp.