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Me – a 10-minute SoCS write for Linda G Hill’s prompt.

See here for Linda G Hill’s website and prompts

Me. I, Myself? What can I possibly say that will convince you to choose between the three of them? You may love Me, be passionate about I, or still have deep feelings for Myself, but will you be able to whittle down the three to just the one?

I knows you for what you are, and you don’t fool Me, let alone your being cared for by Myself.

You and I? Me and someone like You? Myself, I would protect you from Myself, unlike Me.

Me and his shadow, I and another like Him, Al by Myself, seeking insider information?

You tell Me. And I shall be Here beside Myself. I cannot tell You, or so he told Me. As to Myself, I cannot understand Myself, and He cannot understand Me. She doesn’t believe in Me, and I understands Me only too well. Tell You Me this: should I work it out for Myself, or He for Me?

What I really wants to know is, when it comes to Me, is He actually working for Himself? Or am I?

You may understand all of this, but I has lost the plot, and He really hasn’t ever known what was going on. Myself, I liked, but He hates Me.

Tiny Novel

The Beginning (also known as ‘The Start’).

Then the middle.

Then the End (also k a ‘The Conclusion’).

No more than 80,000 words, no less than 6.

Being about stuff or things.

With characters (aka ‘People’).

It’s a rough draught at the moment, but with a little work…

Any buyers?

Heath & Robinson’s affair

Heath & Robinson

Heath and Robinson were having an affair. Not one of the sordid affairs that you get so often in the literary area; but a ramshackle, makeshift, higgledy-piggledy, cumbersome hotch-potch of an affair.

… and the corner plot.

An incomplete title,

to a crime thriller?

Cool? Or an on-the-blink chiller?

I left it there,

in the hopes that it would complete itself,

left it upon the shelf;

and, when I returned,

it had done absolutely nothing.

Which often happens.

So, I shall leave it a while longer,

and see if it can get there

under its own steam.

I can but dream.

Dragons and Fairy Tales – One-liner Wednesday. #1linerweds

See here for Linda G Hil’s #1linerweds prompt

(Dragons and fairy tales)

“Well, I’ll say one thing…” Said Drago to his father, as the bedtime story reached its third hour, “…these fairly tales certainly do drag on a bit.”

And then there were none #AgathaChristie, #CaesarsWife

Ten people on an island…

one of them was Caesar’s Wife…

no one thought it was her.

Caesar’s Wife

Caesar’s wife had burnt his salad;

but nobody thought it was her.

The Lengths

The lengths:

Twenty eight feet and seven inches;

four miles and a few paces;

six and a half furlongs;

eighteen kilometres;

six M6 toll roads;

no distance at all;

the length of a piece of string;

to the centre of the Earth;

and back;

twelve light years;

from Marathon to Spara …

… that some people will go to.

“What colour is my smoothie going to be?”

It’s Wednesday,

so, without further ado,

I have popped avocado,

spinach , mango, flax seeds,

some unarmed vitamins

(possibly G or V)

and various stuff

and nonsense,

into the smoothie maker.

So, what colour do you think

my smoothie is going to be?

Of course, it’s ‘Swamp’ colour…

… again –

but, it’s probably good

for me.

Start a book, finish a book?

How many times have you started a book,

only to put it down way before the end,

with no intention to ever pick it back up again?

It doesn’t happen to me often;

but ‘twice’ in one week?!

One was a 99p special that promised to be okay, one was an old ‘horror’ book from an author from the 70’s and beyond.

My tastes may have changed on the second one, my strong dislike of unnecessary crude language put me off of the first.

So, I returned to the sanctity of an Agatha. Miss Marple to the rescue once more.

And, normal service has been resumed.

It’s not that I don’t try (and like) new books – ‘The Lip’ by Charlie Carroll was interesting – but I do tend to follow the authors that have established themselves upon my reading lists.

Right! I’m off to see what is happening with the murder investigation at Chipping Cleghorn.