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Our Triffid’s gone

Our Triffid, it’s gone!

Or it may be hiding;

we dare not go and see,

we do not go and look –

or perhaps it’s just a mythical creature

I read of in a book.


It has just occurred (to me)

that ‘Help’ is a four-letter word;

as are ‘Hope’ and ‘Kind’.

These thoughts are running freely around my mind,

like animals with the freedom to exist without fear –

and ‘Fear’ is definitely a four-letter word.

The Fear of Spiders (Us of Them, Not Them of Us)

It's just a picture of one.

It’s just a picture of one.

Advice Given

The spider you espied
Needs to be outside
(In your opinion)
But, it is too hot by far
For a spider out there
So, it would be better for him if you patched up your differences
And learned to live together
In perfect harmony.