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“He is a stranger—“

Mrs. Shuttlecock from Badminton, Gloucestershire: He is a stranger—

Peacques: A stranger what?

Mrs. S: A stranger man than any I have seen these past years.

Peacques: A stranger invites danger, Mrs. Shuttlecock.

Mrs. S: Well, I think that we had better RSVP, Peacques.

‘Local Election-Night Special’

‘Local Election-Night Special’

1: So, who are you going to be voting for in the up and coming, forthcoming local elections, then?

2: Oh, I don’t do politics, I was going to… abscond.

1: Abscond?

2: Absail? Abstem-i-ous? Absinthe? Aberystwyth? Abingdon? Oh, no, that’s a place. Abyssinia? (Fades out) Arbroath? Abba?