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A Fool’s Fairytale by Unassorted Stories

A Fool’s Fairytale

Well worth a read and a follow.

A fool’s fairytale https://unassortedstories.wordpress.com/a-fools-fairytale/ via @Dowhatyoudont

You may hear a version of this here:




Walter Mitty?

Walter Mitty?

It’s a pity

Walter Mitty

wasn’t pretty

as a city;

his mind did drift

no untruth did sift

and an endless lift

to reality’s thrift.

The Postman Only Brings Gnocchi Twice.

The Postman Only Brings Gnocchi Twice.

The first time, it was such a surprise,

and the gnocchi was really, really nice.

The second time, he also gave us garlic bread as a side,

very long, not that wide,

(we think that they may have been breadsticks).

When the postman left a second time,

we awaited his return;

but, we were sad, later that day, to learn in a trice,

that the postman only brings gnocchi, twice.