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Dragons and Fairy Tales – One-liner Wednesday. #1linerweds

See here for Linda G Hil’s #1linerweds prompt

(Dragons and fairy tales)

“Well, I’ll say one thing…” Said Drago to his father, as the bedtime story reached its third hour, “…these fairly tales certainly do drag on a bit.”

The Princess and the Pea

Now, I’m certainly no princess,

and my battery pack and lead

are not a pea;

but, apart from that…

So, just the one mattress,

a battery pack,

and a lead,

and I slept like a—

no, I didn’t,

I didn’t sleep at all,

and in the morning…

I couldn’t find my battery pack,

and I couldn’t find my lead,

and I couldn’t stop yawning –

strange times indeed.

Wolf @ the Door


“I’m hungry like da wolf;
Da wolf at da door;
Hurry up and let me in,
Or I’ll fade away for sure.”

So, feeling kind I let him in
And, where do I begin,
He ate my arm, my leg (and then the rest of me)
I know – I ‘never’ win.

“But, how did you write this poem without any limbs?” you ask.
Well, you see, I am a poet
Who is ‘up’ to the task.

NB this is Based upon Jane (LOML) being ‘hungry’ and my poeticising that. Simple G:)