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What I gave for free,

I’ve just bought back for three,

I made a mistake

that item to take,

and really upset my Jane;

I hope this will give,

good advice for to live,

to never mess up

in this way again.

Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

Haikuu, Sweeeeet Haikuu!

What can a Haiku do

when it’s a syllable too long

on all three of its lines?

Rush Words (rashly spoken)

Let's not be hasty...

Let’s not be hasty…

Everybody says “Less is more.”
(Well, more or less everybody says it.)
I say: “The moral is in the lesson.”
And then wish that I hadn’t.

The Enid of an Era…


I almost
(But, not quiet)
Wrote the write thing today.

Ewe no when sum daze
Ewe just don’t get hit write?

Wheel, teddy, was just won of doze daze.

It was knot hay problem
It can sun bee fixed
Oar, it May bee butter as hit hiss.

Whooo nose?