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Have I an unsuitable suit,

or am I an unsuitable person

for a suit?

“Gads forsooth!”

as an Elizabethan playwright,

or a playwright named Elizabeth

(with a Tudor twist)

might have said.

Translated as, ‘Not for suits!’

by me.

I am tending to agree.

Westward Ho! (Friday’s Rehashed Post)

Will: I’m off to Westward Ho! to see the stones.

Ben (SD – said with a veritable lack of enthusiasm): That sounds… exciting.

Will: It does? Good! Because I am excited by the thought.

Ben: I can’t quite see the attraction.

Will: Are you more of an Entomologist, Ben?

Ben: Beetles? I hardly think so.

Will: One or the other, Ben, one or the other.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – The Bill.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – The Bill.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – The Bill.

Ben: Will? Or may I call you ‘Bill’?

Will: Will, will do, Ben, or may I call you Edna?

Ben: Edna?

Will: Edna Bucket.

Ben: Ha! Very funny, Will. Edna Bucket! (Ben chuckles)

A short pause

Will: So?

Ben: ‘So’ what, Will?

Will: You wished to ask me something a few sentences back?

Ben: Oh, Yes. I remember. Will?

Will: Yes?

Ben: Is it your turn to get the bill?

Will: The bill, Ben?

Ben: Yes, Will, the bill.

Will: I, Will…

Ben: Great!

Will: Continuing- I, Will Shakespeare, being of sound mind-

Ben: Allegedly, Will, allegedly.

Will: Repeat, ‘being of sound mind’ have no intention, whatsoever, of letting Ben Jonson have another ‘free lunch’ at my expense.

Ben: But, Will? The bill!.

Will: We shall, henceforward, refer to it as ‘the Ben’, Ben. ‘Waiter’ my friend here would like to pay the ‘Ben!’

Ben: But, Will?

Will: No ifs, no buts, and we haven’t even discovered coconuts yet. G’day, Ben.

Ben: Oh, dear. Looks like the washing-up for me.

A Revised History of the Sixteenth Century

This needed a dust off and today was the day to do it. As we remember Will of Avon or as he he was known to his friends ‘Shaky Will’ – G:)

Graeme Sandford

sixteenth century

v/o Let us enter the TARDIS and return to a page in history

GRAMS: Dr Who music

Let us go back to the very start of the fifteen hundreds – fifteen-oh-nine if you want to be precise.

Part The First (or, He Was Henry the Eighth, He Was)

The miserly king, Henry the Seventh, was dead and his young and handsome son, Henry the Eighth ascended to the throne (as you can see we were going through another succession of Henry kings – similar to the French with their long line of Louis kings – if it hadn’t have been for the French revolution they’d have been up to King Louis the Soixante-Neuf by now).

The money that his father had scrimped and saved allowed the young Henry the Eighth to dabble in the old English pastime of warring with the French… or the Scottish… or both simultaneously. France at…

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I am a Monarchist!

You are an Elizabethan
As am I
I have been a Bettyite
Ever since I was born
Upon that cold grey morn
Around about dawn.
I am a Lizbean
A Bessy
A Beth-time child and adult
“Liza-Liza pants-on-fire!”
You cry.
But, no; I have been
Faithful to the one monarch
In the UK
Since my first breath of day
And, who knows, she may outlive us all.
‘If you’ll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al’

(Paul Simon)

Today’s Tudor Times?

Men and women…
Where in the world would you like to live?

I would like to live in a Shakespearean house
With an exit and an entrance
It’s just a stage that I am going through.