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IMHO – Tep

In my honest opinion,

Tep was not one of the greats;

unless he’s reading this,

in which case…

‘Tep’ was the best

of the Egyptian lot,

better than NEFERHO-Tep

by far;

that is unless,

‘he’ is reading this,

in which case…

I am done for,


Horus Gets to the Chorus

Horus Gets to the Chorus

“Don’t bore us, Horus,

just get to the chorus!”

shouted the Egyptian mob.

Upon which sentiment, Horus

did, indeed, get to the chorus;

which was all about having hecklers disembowelled whilst they still had the blood pumping round their bodies.

Horus never did have a sense of humour.

“I’m walking in the snow!”

“I’m walking in the snow!”

I’m out and about

in the snow;

but, I’ve taken on board

the advice that I’ve read

and I am walking like an Egyptian.

I may be getting some funny looks;

but, the advice did state

that it was the best way to walk

in these perilous conditions.


PS I have just reviewed the advice…

it seems that I was supposed to walk like a…



Me and the Sphinx

Me and the Sphinx

I listens

and I thinks

I’m inscrutable,

like the Sphinx;

and I’ve got a big head

and the body of a lion;

but, that’s where the similarity ends.