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Catriona – the cattery owner

Catriona was an angel;

but, an angel without wings.

She loved the cats,

had mega long chats,

and fed and watered them

‘til they grew.

When all the cats were ginormous,

humongous, or quite large,

Catriona unleashed the herd,

and off they all went, “Charge!”

Now that the cats rule the world,

and humans are forsaken,

we look back upon Catriona,

and the actions that then were taken.

Sound Bytes!

Sound Bytes!

The cicadas’ clicks under the Mimosa –

adding to the palaver of the verbosa

allows no room for the nervosa

to relax.

And then someone starts to play badly upon a tenor sax.

Just another day in Dystopia.

Tom Jones? Henry Fielding? George Orwell? Me?

Tom Jones? Henry Fielding? George Orwell? Me?

“Please release me…

from this dystopian hell!”

I had had the misfortune to stay in a number of large hotels – what ‘misfortune’ is that?, you ask – well…

… every time that they allocated me a room, I was given room number one-hundred and one. Spookily, every time. And. Being knowledgeable about George Orwell’s 1984 and all that went on within the novel, I was a little freaked out that it kept on happening.

So, I decided to stay in a smaller hotel the next time so that they wouldn’t have a hundred and one rooms. That should sort it.

I turned up at the Binary Hotel and, upon checking in, I was given the keys to the fifth of their five rooms.