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Picking up two Pigs from a Grid Reference.

I had a dream

whereby I had to try

and pick up two pigs

from a grid reference

that I was given.

They would go in the back

of my parcel van –

though I sensed a lack of space,

and the sad look upon a pig’s face.

I knew not where the grid reference was,

although my supposition did yield

to the probability of a field;

however, before the back axle

on my van it broke,

from my being an Uber driver

for a pair of Porcine parcels,

from my dream

I awoke.

I had a dream.

I had a dream.

I had a dream.

A dream, where I went back to the Age of Steam.

Steam irons, presses, engines, puddings and punks;

steam-powered Chinese junks;

Steamboat Willies,

Red-hot steam-pepper chillies- –

it was a strange dream.

From Last Night’s Dream

Noel and Liam were in a play

and I was a bit-part player

just plumbing in some pipes

and not getting the laughs that I sought.

Liam and Noel were drawing the crowds;

but, for how long would it last?

All seemed well on the opening night;

things were going alright:

however, I was understudy for one or t’other –

for when there was a fall-out from either dour brother.

They didn’t like the idea

that I was on standby,

ready to roll

with it being the first night

and all.

Early Morning Report from the Vicinity of Here

I ran down the road in my skibbly-wibblies
And not a single stitch more
The people who saw me they laughed and they cried
Or they took one more look – to be sure.

I ran down the road;
Then, back up it again
In nothing but a loin-cloth and skin
I was glad to get home
No further to roam
And did curse at the dream I was in.