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Awakening from a dream…

From when I was asleep,

a partial dream I keep

about the issues there were

regarding the length of the bridge

that we were building

across the ravine.

I thought it should be longer, stronger;

and the other wanted it to just reach.

I said it would be okay

during the day;

but, when the night fell,

so would the bridge.

I was asked what did I mean:

and I replied, ‘that if the bridge

only just reached this side,

and only just reached the other side,

when night fell and everything contracted

from the length it had reached

when to the Sun it had reacted,

the end on one side,

and the end on the other side

would decide to let go

and fall into the ravine

down to the river below.’

I was laughed at;

until, that very night,

I was, sadly, proven right.

Picking up two Pigs from a Grid Reference.

I had a dream

whereby I had to try

and pick up two pigs

from a grid reference

that I was given.

They would go in the back

of my parcel van –

though I sensed a lack of space,

and the sad look upon a pig’s face.

I knew not where the grid reference was,

although my supposition did yield

to the probability of a field;

however, before the back axle

on my van it broke,

from my being an Uber driver

for a pair of Porcine parcels,

from my dream

I awoke.

I had a dream.

I had a dream.

I had a dream.

A dream, where I went back to the Age of Steam.

Steam irons, presses, engines, puddings and punks;

steam-powered Chinese junks;

Steamboat Willies,

Red-hot steam-pepper chillies- –

it was a strange dream.

From Last Night’s Dream

Noel and Liam were in a play

and I was a bit-part player

just plumbing in some pipes

and not getting the laughs that I sought.

Liam and Noel were drawing the crowds;

but, for how long would it last?

All seemed well on the opening night;

things were going alright:

however, I was understudy for one or t’other –

for when there was a fall-out from either dour brother.

They didn’t like the idea

that I was on standby,

ready to roll

with it being the first night

and all.

Early Morning Report from the Vicinity of Here

I ran down the road in my skibbly-wibblies
And not a single stitch more
The people who saw me they laughed and they cried
Or they took one more look – to be sure.

I ran down the road;
Then, back up it again
In nothing but a loin-cloth and skin
I was glad to get home
No further to roam
And did curse at the dream I was in.