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I never could get the hang of Thursday poems

Douglas wrote it for Arthur to say,

that he couldn’t get the hang of any Thursday;

and I know what they meant,

and I know what they felt,

that upon a Thursday

all sense does melt,

and things seem all out of kilter –

perhaps the week

should have a Thursday filter.

“It’s just another ‘Don’t Panic!’ Thursday.”

“It’s just another ‘Don’t Panic!’ Thursday.”

I wrote.

Then looked around for my towel.

“Bother!” I reasoned.

“Where has my towel got to now?”

And on it went.

Thursday Towel Haiku / Senryu

“Where is your towel?”

the three-eyed monster asked me.

“Here it is!”

He ran.

A Thursday in March

A Thursday in March

It’s a Thursday;

well, as days go –

and they do –

it’s the only Thursday that matters

at the moment.

I mean, when tomorrow (Friday)


today (Thursday)

will be condemned to the past – history –

and we will all have moved on.

Anyway, it’s Thursday,

and that means…

well, it means different things

to different people,


Happy Thursday;

hope it meets all your expectations –

if you have any –

expectations, that is –

about ‘this’ ‘current’ Thursday.

‘This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays.’


13 is / is not a lucky / unlucky number


My Vogon Poem


Vogon Poem Generator

Here is my Vogon Poem from the BBC’s Vogon- Poetry Generator Program at

See, see the Dead sky

Marvel at its big Pink depths.

Tell me, ‘I forget his name’ do you

Wonder why the ugly cat ignores you?

Why its foobly stare

makes you feel bed-ready.

I can tell you, it is

Worried by your afgriggflomZ facial growth 

That looks like 

A new life form.

What’s more, it knows

Your Napples potting shed 

Smells of a small, green thing.

Everything under the big Dead sky

Asks why, why do you even bother?

You only charm my overalls.