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A Labradobee

If you try

and cross

a Labrador

with a bee

you will just get

a confused Labrador

and a bee

that is so much crosser

than it ought to be.

Do you see?


“You are such a slowch!”

I looked at Vega,

and Vega looked at me;

she didn’t know the word,


“It’s a shortening of ‘slowcoach”,

I informed her,

“And not that far removed from ‘sloth’,

just like you.”


By this time, Vega ‘had’ moved – not very far,

and not very quickly –

from a position of indifference

to one of couldn’tcarelessedness.

I wake up in bed with a dog on my head

I wake up in bed

with a dog on my head

who wished me good morning,

and a desire to be fed,

“Hello!’ says me,

and ‘Hello!’ says Min,

and, ‘Good morning!’

‘Good morning!’

with a lick and a grin.


Tobie was a catcher,

a catcher in the rye;

he’d catch the ball I threw for him

no matter how far or high.

I miss my little catcher,

his cuddles and his ways;

but that pooch did live his best life

in the most mysterious ways.

Rusty the Dog

My dog’s Rusty,

I left him out last night,

there was a brief rain shower,

he used to be

just black and white.

Sad Poem 😥

Sad Poem 😥

I’ve got a little dog,

I took it for a jog,

we ran into a bog

… and s





“Why, Maranar, Why?”

“Why, Maranar, Why?”

Why, Maranar, why?

Won’t you run away with me?

Did you have to be a dog?

I am just a flea –

But, we…

could be…

so, ha… ppy!

Why, Maranar, why?

won’t you run away with me?

Dog Song

Dog Song

Every dog has it’s day

Or so they say;

and if you’re a dog

I suppose that’s okay,

Bit, I’m not sure if they know

‘bout these things, anyway.

‘Dog’ @baffled

Dog’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

“My dog’s got no nose…”

“Oh, that’s sad. Poor little thing.”

“Awful! Oh, yeah, thanks.”