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Never say…

Never say, ‘tiny little rabbit’

in a tiny little boat,

or the rabbit might go overboard,

followed by the dog,

and the tiny little boat

Just might forget to float.

Worse things than this

can happen at sea,

according to me;

but I would take that

with a tiny pinch of fault.

Just a little note

Just a little note

was all she wrote to tell me:

‘Dinner’s in the dog!’

Another 10 minutes in bed

With a dog by my side,

and as my cat licks my head,

I guess it’s safe to say,

‘Another 10 minutes in bed!’

The tail wagged the dog

I’m not sure

how that works,

but it seems to be

illogical to me.


Perhaps, the dog

wags its tail so fiercely

that it might seem

like the tail

is in control;



is not does.


A dog (or a cow)

I drew a picture of a dog…

or a cow;

and, now,

I don’t know whether

it will squeak or miaow.

A Labradobee

If you try

and cross

a Labrador

with a bee

you will just get

a confused Labrador

and a bee

that is so much crosser

than it ought to be.

Do you see?


“You are such a slowch!”

I looked at Vega,

and Vega looked at me;

she didn’t know the word,


“It’s a shortening of ‘slowcoach”,

I informed her,

“And not that far removed from ‘sloth’,

just like you.”


By this time, Vega ‘had’ moved – not very far,

and not very quickly –

from a position of indifference

to one of couldn’tcarelessedness.

I wake up in bed with a dog on my head

I wake up in bed

with a dog on my head

who wished me good morning,

and a desire to be fed,

“Hello!’ says me,

and ‘Hello!’ says Min,

and, ‘Good morning!’

‘Good morning!’

with a lick and a grin.


Tobie was a catcher,

a catcher in the rye;

he’d catch the ball I threw for him

no matter how far or high.

I miss my little catcher,

his cuddles and his ways;

but that pooch did live his best life

in the most mysterious ways.

Rusty the Dog

My dog’s Rusty,

I left him out last night,

there was a brief rain shower,

he used to be

just black and white.