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I am not a Guillemot

I’ve said it before

and I’ll say it again


that I am


a Guillemot.

You might think that I am,

but, no,

I am NOT.

So, stop saying that I am,

or that I even look like one,

because I will just take umbrage,

flap my wings,

and head off in search of viands.

“I am not a Guillemot!” said the Guillemot

“I am not a Guillemot!” said the Guillemot.

“I am The Guillemot!

the last one standing,

flying, swooping, anding;

and after me there will be

no other.

I have no partner

to be a mother

to our chicks;

so when I’m gone,

it’s, ‘Fiddlesticks!’

The very last Banana

(The very last Dodo Banana)

It was the very last;

but, little did the banana know it –

having not read this poem,

written by a poet.


And, like the Dodo before,

once the last one was gone,

there wouldn’t be any more.

Dodo (upon a pogo stick)

I saw a dodo

upon a pogo stick;

but his bouncing up and down

it really made me sick.


He became extinct

not long after;;

but I can still hear

his loud and happy laughter.

Dodo (do do)

Dodo (do do)

I do do like a dodo;

or I dodo like a do do;

I am never really sure.

One day I will know who it is that I am,

and what it is I’m for.