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#SoCS prompt ‘card’

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“If I discard ‘this’ card…?”


“Will it be of a benefit to me?”

“I don’t think that you can be sure ‘now’ what the consequences will be. Time will tell, as they say.”

“Oh, they do do they?”

“It is a turn of phrase… an axiom… or an idiom… or something like one of those.”

“Are you saying that I am an ‘idiom?’ “

“Not in so many words, no. But, there are times when we all seem to be less than what we actually are.”

“ ‘Nobody told me there would be days like these.’ “

“Pre-cisely! “

“Quoting some lyric or other is always a way of getting my meaning across.”

“Yes. You wear it well.”

“Ha! Touché! You are always on my mind.”

“That’s neat, that is very neat.”

“Thank you for the praise.”

“By the way, I really love your tiger feet.”

“I didn’t think you’d noticed.”

“Not notice! They are the finest in the whole of the zoo.”

“Well, there are only the two of us here. Hardly a one in a million is it?”

“Fifty ways to leave your plover!”

“Really? We are on to punning song titles now?”

“You have to do something to pass the time.”

“True. You can’t* even get a decent crossword to do around here.”

*The 10-minute timer that I had set went off here – luckily for you, otherwise I would have been off along the various other paths that this was leading to.


“What has all this to do with Madonna?”

“What has all this to do with Madonna?”

Material: I’m immaterial!

Other Material: I am immortal!

Yet Another Material: Does it Matter?

Material: Of course it matters! Are you anti-matter?

Yet Another Material: No, I’m just asking whether – in the scheme of things – us being bits of cloth, there is any provenance in the ‘I think therefore I am’ theory?

Other Material: I think…

Yet Another Material: Yes…?

Other Material: … that you are just bowing to convention if you consider us any less than any other sentient being on this bluey-green planet.

Material: Guys! Guys! I was just playing with words – don’t let us get all shirty about it!

Yet Another Material: My best friend is a shirt!

Another Material: A T-shirt.

Yet Another Material: That’s as May be – he still has feelings; even though he is an old, afraid, frayed and faded, jaded T-shirt.

Material: Is that your friend with the Madonna slogan printed on his chest?

Yet Another Material: Yes. Although having ‘I’m a Material Girl’ emblazoned there for all and sundry to see has been a trial at times.

Material and Other Material: Poor T-shirt.

Yet Another Material: His name’s Alex.

A Haiku a Tanka and an Unknown Poetry Form Walk Into A Bar


Me: Haikus seem to work.
You: What are you talking about?
Me: Haikus. Poetry.
You: Oh. I prefer Cheerios.
Me: For breakfast? You’re nuts.
You: But this isn’t a haiku.
Me: Well, it’s not now, obviously; but, it started out as one.
You: Then it became a ‘tanka’.
Me: Yes. Thanks to you.
You: And ‘now’?
Me: Who knows?
You: And so we say…
Both: Cheerio!

Ooze Cheese is it Anyway?


Me: This is ‘Ooze Cheese.’

You: Whose cheese is it?

Me: Yes, that’s right.

You: Sorry. No; whose is it?

Me: Yes.

You: No. What I’m asking is ‘Whose. Cheese. Is. It?.’

Me: And what I was saying was: ‘It’s. Ooze. Cheese!.’

Narrator: And so it went on; neither party comprehending what the other meant; until both inevitably collapsed into a sea of incapability…

… And the Ooze Cheese…

… Slowly oozed away…

… Until…

… It was no more.

Goldfish in a Bowl


Me: I called my fish Jeckyl and Hyde. They are both the same

You: Then, how can you tell which one is which?

Me: There is only one.

You: Ah! That explains the wire mesh on the top of the bowl.

Me: Exactly.


A little mathematics may add up to sum such thing


“That’s just adding insult to injury!”
He had said to me

‘injury + insult = ?’

I thought long and hard
But, couldn’t work out the answer.

I ran after him.

“What did you mean when you said that I was ‘adding insult to injury?’ ” I called out when I was alongside the tall, stately looking man.

He never slowed his pace; but, talking across to me, he answered: “I meant that you not only hurt my pride but you insulted my intelligence.”

“So, it wasn’t a mathematical equation?” I uttered.

He stopped and looked at me. “You’re weird!” He stated. Then turned his back upon me once more. He strode off without a backwards glance (again).

I let him go.

“I’m weird.”

I mulled this over.

“He could have something there.”

I thought further.

‘injury + insult = weirdness!’

“No. That makes little sense. He was just winding me up.”

I walked off, mumbling to myself.

“insult… injury… weird… injury… insult… ”

People watched the young man curiously as he wended his weird way up the street.

Such is life.

“It’s a Saturday (Revisited)

"It should read 'I ❤️ Satirdays' "

“It should read ‘I ❤️ Saturdays’ “

It’s a Saturday – Graeme Sandford
Me: It’s a Saturday.

Vox 1: Nothing special there.

Me: I hear you say

Vox 2: One in seven.

Vox 1: Just over fourteen percent!

But, in every week
There is a day
Unlike any other
In many a way.

Vox 1: Same length.

Vox 2: A day to avoid the shops.

Give me strength
As my enthusiasm drops
It’s a Saturday
Would you rather it was a Monday?
Now, ‘that’s’ a fun day!

Yorkshire 1: Nowt wrong with Mondays.

Yorkshire 2: I like a good Monday.

Yorkshire 1: Nose back to the grindstone.

Yorkshire 2: Saturday’s Butter no Parsnips!

As I afeared
You voices are just weird
It’s a Saturday!
An ‘it doesn’t really matter
If I stop for a natter’ day;
One half of the weekend
And on a Saturday
You can depend
That it will rain
Which is a pain
And there will be traffic queues
That ‘will’ give us the
Saturday blues.

Vox 1: I like Thursdays.

Vox 2: Yes, you can’t beat a thrifty Thursday.

Vox 1: Wednesdays are alright, too; they’re not Thursdays, but they’re okay.

Vox 2: In a Wednesday sort of way.

I’ll let you lot carry on…
Or Saturday will soon be gone

Yorkshire 1: Oh, good; then we can have a Sunday.

Yorkshire 2: Ooh, Sunday’s are nice.

Yorkshire 1: I’d exchange a Saturday for a Sunday, any day.

Yorkshire 2: Two Sundays. There’s a thing.
I love to hear the church bells ring.

As I was saying…
It’s a Saturday…