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December will be magic again.

December will be,

as Kate sang,

magic again.



as Kate sang,

will be magic again.


it won’t.

But, the future

has not yet been written,

and may go many ways.

So, 1980s Kate

may have been right,

may yet be right,


well, let us wait and see.

Who knows which way the wind will blow?

Dec 4th – Hard-work Dreams

It seems, in dreams,

there are many themes,

some of which are calm and pleasant;

but from time to time

within a dream I work so hard

it makes me want to scream.

A series of tasks, or maybe just one,

that are onerous ‘and’ difficult,

(never fun) I endure,

like Sisyphus, my work goes on and on,

until, only by waking, my never-ending work is done.

But, then, tired, I try to sleep once more,

and you can be sure,

that I return to the job in hand,

that I had recently left,

and continue working

hardly able to rest,

until, finally, I wake again,

and, faint with fatigue,

get up,

and get dressed.

Dec. 3rd – Crofts, Tofts, and the like

A Croft or a Toft,

when seen from aloft,

can often be mistaken

for a series of shapes and lines

(dating back to Mediaeval times);

those who know

are keen to show

what the aerial pictures mean;

with ridge and furrow,

from an ancient plough,

and a manor house

(that’s ‘not there now’)

dove cotes, and a pond beyond,

and all manner of by-gone things –

until soon enough we can almost understand,

how hard was the life upon the land.

Dec 2nd – Starting and Finishing Words

When, is the word

with which I started this poem;

there are many others that I use

in its construction,

some short, some considerably longer,

but, the word that I have chosen

to end this poem

is unknown.

I don’t remember December

I don’t remember December

I don’t remember December,

even though it’s only January Fourth- Seventh? Fifteenth? Fifteenth.

I don’t remember your name

even though it’s the same

as mine –

Too much wine?

Not enough wine?

Though I don’t recall

drinking any wine,

at all.






Soon December


Then January


And February


and soon…


and so on…